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The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain, South Amboy, NJ

The Center for

Headaches and Facial Pain

About the Office

We have approximately thirty staff members, many of whom are pictured above. We are here to eliminate your problem while you enjoy your visits in a comfortable environment knowing that we are working hard to assure your success and obtain the insurance coverage which you deserve.

The staff of The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain understands the need for a results-oriented approach to patient problems, and has developed a comprehensive program under the direction of Dr. Ira Klemons, an internationally recognized expert in the field. Among many other distinctions, the Center was approved by the United States Government to provide advanced training to physicians and dentists in head and facial pain and TM joint disorders. In addition, Dr. Klemons was designated as an impartial medical expert in head and facial pain, and TM joint disorders for the New Jersey Courts by the Medical Society of New Jersey.

We welcome referrals from physicians and other professionals. However, individuals may also be seen at their own request without professional referral. Numerous patients from across the United States and other parts of the world have come to the Center for treatment. Our office is large, comfortable and modern. We have a staff of approximately 30 friendly and competent professionals, including three additional doctors who assist Dr. Klemons with our integrated approach. We are particularly attuned to refer to other types of doctors in cases where we believe that the patient will benefit from treatment elsewhere.

Billions of dollars are spent each year to diagnose and treat headaches and facial pain. Much of this expenditure is wasted. Treatment outcomes are often very limited, with a high probability that the sufferer will seek yet another doctor, take more expensive tests, and purchase more medications in an effort to obtain relief. The true costs are elevated even further by the millions of hours lost from work as a result of ongoing pain. The procedures which we employ in treating headaches, face pain and TM joint disorders are successful in the vast majority of cases, and thereby dramatically reduce the overall cost of diagnosis and treatment. While medical doctors are, without a doubt, the practitioners of choice to rule out neurological and other generalized medical conditions, knowledge of orthopedics of the head and face, a comprehensive understanding of jaw function and over thirty years of experience with many thousands of patients have made it possible to successfully alleviate pain even in highly complex cases involving patients who previously suffered for as long as 60 years.

If you or someone you love experience any of the symptoms listed below, we can help you with a highly effective treatment program or appropriate referral. Call today.


"...I’m truly blessed that I found your office because there is no other doctor out there as loving and caring as you. I can’t thank you enough for all you and your staff did for me." - Samantha B. (14 years old)

“I’m 80 years old, and was injured while on an aircraft carrier in World War II. Dr. Klemons is the first real DOCTOR I’ve ever been to...” - Henry R.

“This is the greatest place I’ve ever been to in my life.

I could stay here all day and never go home. I don’t think I’ve ever had this feeling before. It’s beautiful. It puts tears in my eyes.” - Eva J.

Dr. Klemons and Staff,

Thank you so very much for all the things you and your staff have done. It’s not every day you meet a doctor who’s as caring and thoughtful as you are and has a staff that mirrors your attitude towards the patient. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done.

May God bless all of you.

Love you guys, Kethia H.

“...I saw so many doctors before I came here including a Medical and Dental School Pain Center, but nobody helped me until I was sent to Dr. Klemons. I love everyone here.” - Nazmin R.

“…Everyone here treated me wonderfully.” - Joan L.

“…Dr. Klemons and his staff are really wonderful, and I recommend them to everyone.” - Mary Anne M.

"His manner is far superior to any other doctor I’ve ever gone to. It’s been worth it for me to drive here four hours from Pennsylvania because Dr. Klemons is the best. I’d go twice as far if I had to.” - Robert S. (Pennsylvania)

“I can’t even count the number of doctors I saw in California before coming here, but there were at least ten specialists. None of them were as thorough or explained everything to me anywhere to the same extent as Dr. Klemons.” - David M. (California)

“...All the doctors and staff here are outstanding. Everyone is really warm and friendly and genuinely concerned. The contrast to other doctors’ offices I’ve been to where no one even talks to you is ridiculous.” - Susan P.

“...They did a good job here. I would recommend them. I think everybody here has been good.” - Sonya H.

“...Dr. Klemons and his staff from one end to the other are wonderful. Everything is right on time here.” - Francis B.

“... Everybody here is terrific and genuinely concerned. I tell everyone on Myspace and the blogs with migraines, eye pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, earaches and pressure, nausea, jaw and chest pain, hoarseness, and sore throats that they should come here. It’s a miracle.” - Melissa G.

“...All the doctors and staff here are terrific. I never felt like a patient. I always felt like a friend.” - Marvel J.

“...You have the best staff ever.” - Zaquina Z.

“...The people here are terrific.” - Anthony G.

“I love coming here!” - Ashley G.

“Being in the medical field I’m really impressed by everyone here. I’ve walked out of a lot of other doctors’ offices in the past because I didn’t like the way I was treated, but everyone here treated me great.” - Ellie D.

“...Now that it’s all gone, I don’t really want to leave. Everyone here has been so wonderful to me.” - Kristeen J.

"…Even though it’s a really long drive, it’s worth every minute. I really cannot imagine going anywhere else." - Lester B.

“...Within a short time after I came here the pain was improving and everyone here was nice to me. This is the first time I ever went to a doctor where the pain actually went away.” - Andrea L. (Pennsylvania)

“It’s been REALLY wonderful coming here from England. Everyone has been absolutely fabulous.” - Maureen and Ian R. (United Kingdom)

“...Everyone here was wonderful and conscious of my time as well as my comfort.” - Susan C.

“...It’s good everybody is nice here.” - Kamini P.

“...The people here are really nice and sociable.” - Robin G.

“...Everyone here is wonderful. “ - Deanne R. (Pennsylvania)

“My daughter and I love coming here. We only recently started but headaches are already much less. We feel like all the doctors and staff are our friends. - Ana M.

“Your website is so informative, the doctors and staff in your office are so helpful...Everything you said would happen is exactly what happened. I’m from Connecticut, but even if I lived in California I’d come here!” - Carly K.

"Dr. Klemons…and the staff are like my family. Everyone's concern was obvious, sincere, and real. I looked forward to coming to my visits." - JoAnne C.

“…I’m really going to miss coming here because everyone is so nice.” - Anita S.

"…Everyone who works here is wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone." - Samantha L.

“...This is the most professional and organized office I’ve every been in. It’s a pleasure and an honor.” - Anthony S.

“...The people here treated me very well.” - Ruth J.

“...Treatment here is excellent. Everyone here is really nice.” - Corey D.

“...I recommend this office to people who have these problems.” - Doris B.

“I can’t believe how pleasant and wonderful the people in this office are. One person is nicer than the next here. I talk about them constantly to everyone I know. I was absolutely amazed from the first telephone call.” - Ellen C.

"This is the best doctors' office or hospital I've been to in my life. I was always taken on time and everyone was so nice to me." - Hashim M.

“...This place is really amazing. Everyone here is wonderful.” - Jenny R.

“I would like to thank you for your time during my first consultation with you. You made me feel really comfortable and I am already glad I made the decision to come here from England. You are an inspiration. I have to say, it was the most thorough examination I ever had and I was very impressed with the way you discussed things with me. It is obvious that you and your staff pay a great deal of attention to your patients and I really admire that .” - Naresh D. (United Kingdom)

“Wow! This is awesome... I have so many good things to say about this place.” - Sara S. (Wisconsin)

“...The staff here is great. ” - Heather H.

“…Everyone here is great. They treated me like I was one of their own.” - Donna M.

Jessica and her friend Icis

“...We both love coming here. I tell everybody about the great service at this office.” - Jessica M. (Comment made by her mother)

"…Everyone was absolutely wonderful." - Anna M. P.

"…The doctors and staff were excellent!" - Dezmin W.

“...I could never repay Dr. Klemons and his staff for all they’ve done for me.” - Priscilla J.

“...This place is amazing. I made so many new friends here.” - Stephanie P.

“…All the doctors and staff here were just wonderful.” - Joanne H.

“…I can’t imagine anything that could be done to improve this office and its doctors and staff.” - Gertrude E.

“...Everybody very good here.” - Yiubun S.

“...I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. The people here are excellent.” - Cosmo M.

“I learned more in five seconds from Dr. Klemons than I learned from my other doctors in the last ten years... I’m so happy I came here.” - Kami S.

“This is the best doctors’ office I’ve ever been to. I’m going to really miss coming here.” - Samuel R.

“It’s so fun coming here! Nothing is ever a problem. I really love it." - Hillary D.

“After all the doctor’s offices I went to before coming here-who treated me so poorly-the contrast is amazing. The people here treated me surprisingly well. ...The people here are great. It’s really surprising to have so many nice people in one place without a single bad one.” - Kyle V.

"...The doctors and staff here are amazing and exceptional - real professionals. My wife and I are amazed how everyone here works together and does such a great job.” - Bartholomew P.

“...Everyone here was great, fantastic, fabulous, and very caring and loving. We need more medical places like this. It was really worth the long ride coming here. I tell people you need to go there. You'll love it.” - Vivian R.

“...Why can’t all doctors be like Dr. Klemons? - Paul M.

P.S. I tell everyone to come here. I even told a friend who had no pain that I'd throw him down the stairs just so he could go to Dr. Klemons for treatment."

“If you could get cured with kindness, you’d only need one visit.” - Deborah T.

“Before today, I was never at a doctor’s office where I felt like I was at home. From the receptionist to every staff member and the doctors, I was treated like family.

It’s really been fun and I learned a lot. Dr. Klemons was the most thorough doctor I ever met and he instilled trust in my husband and I. Now I see why people come from all over the world.” - Debbie D.

“…The doctors and staff treated me great.” - Michael N.

“...Everybody here is so nice.” - Suzanne K.

“...Everyone here was sincere, kind, caring, and attentive from the moment I called until the moment I was discharged from treatment.” - Carole S.

“...The people here are very professional from top to bottom and they’re either outstanding or fabulous. This is a 1st class operation. Especially when you consider how god awful lousy I felt.” - Linda M.

“...Dr. Klemons got me better without any of that. He saved my life! Everyone here treated me like a VIP.” - Harris B.

“...Everyone here treated me great.” - Lourdes S.

“...I really appreciate all that Dr. Klemons did for me. To be honest, I never met a doctor as good as Dr. Klemons.” - Dahiana T.

“...I had the most awesome conversations with the staff here and Dr. Klemons is hilarious. It’s the truth!” - Edaine M.

"… Everything here was perfect from A to Z. Therapy was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. Dr. Klemons and his staff were always warm and caring and made me feel totally comfortable…This was the best experience I ever had in any doctor’s office in my life. It was definitely worth traveling so far." - Cristina V.

“...The therapy and everyone here is awesome. Dr. Klemons is one in a million. I wish that other doctors were as attentive and explained everything as well as he does.” - Joelle S.

“…Everything here has been perfect. Coming here is like going home.” - Yaminel D.

“This is the best office I’ve been to in my life!” - Marianne L.

“...After seeing so many doctors, I wish that all of them were like Dr. Klemons.” - Muhammad S.

“...The people here are exceptional . It’s a great staff.” - Cassandra B. (15 years old)

"…Everyone here treated me like family and were always right on schedule. I never had to wait." - Margaret D.

“...Everyone here is excellent.” - Katrine H.

"...This is a great office. What more can I ask?" - Peter D.

“...I enjoyed very much coming here and getting to know everyone. It’s a very relaxing and peaceful environment.” - Ruqayyah P.

“...Finding you was like finding a needle in a haystack. I can only aspire to be as organized and give as much attention to detail as you do. It’s just amazing.” - Duncan P.

“This is the most professional and organized office I’ve every been in. It’s a pleasure and an honor.” - Anthony S.

“...I'm amazed that after treating here with Dr. Klemons and his associates I've had the best time of my life...

The doctors and staff here are so caring and kind. Coming here has been the best experience I ever had. I just feel so comfortable here. I'm really impressed and feel like I can put my life in their hands. Everything is always explained and I never leave with any questions." - Carol C.

“...I’m very impressed with this facility and the people who helped me here.” - Nicholas K.

"...From the very first day I found everyone to be professional, considerate, courteous, timely, and dedicated to relieving my pain–and they did." - Stephani M.

“...I have never been in a doctor’s office like this in my whole life. I’ve never seen such great doctors and staff. They all made me feel like royalty every time I was here.” - Linda K.

“...You have a staff that’s wonderful in every way.” - Emily L.

“...I recommend everyone who has headaches to come here. I’m sad to be leaving now that I’m all better. I love coming here for treatment.”- Patricia M.

"...You folks do excellent work. The comments I read on this site are really true. Everyone here really cares.” - Steven S.

“...Everyone here is really nice.” - Tiffanie R.

"…I loved everyone here." - Linda R.

“...Everyone here is so fabulous. They’re truly like family. I couldn’t be more appreciative of my ear, nose and throat specialist for sending me here. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the greatest day of my life." - Mary Lynn F.

“…Everything here was fantastic. I’m very impressed. Everyone here gets an A+.” - Dominick T.

“...The doctors and staff here are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. They always took me on time with a smile. What a pleasure.” - Richard G.

“...I love what you've done for me.” - Ronald B. (Alberta, Canada)

“...Everyone here is excellent.” - Desmond A.

“...Everybody here is very professional and very thorough. I really trust them.” - Jenny M.

“... Everyone here was great...” - Arlene H.

"...The people and treatment were a pleasure. I can’t even compare it to other doctors’ offices. I’ve never been in such a great doctor’s office. Dr. Klemons should give lectures to other doctors on how to relate to their patients as human beings." - Mark C.

“...We have lots of fun coming here and help make our mom’s jaw pain go away.” - Briana (8), Cyara (5), and Delaynie (3) Thomas (Patient: Karen T.)

“...Very nice people here. You people made such a great difference in my life.” -Jeneba J.

“I really love coming here, and I’m really glad that my ears don’t ring or hurt anymore.” - Elijah S. (10 years old)

“...Everyone here is wonderful and so is the atmosphere.” - Jacqueline G.

"You're such a nice doctor!" - Rebekah H.

"...Every person in this office is really caring and helpful and always answered all my questions.” - Lioubov P.

“...Every doctor and staff member in this office was wonderful to me.” - Lori W.

"...I found the doctors and staff here to be courteous, cordial, and wonderful.” - Brenda A.

“...The treatment and people here are awesome...” - Marzena Z.

“...The people here really pay attention and care. I feel absolutely blessed to have them here regardless of the long trip. I’m honored to be one of Dr. Klemons’ patients.” - Carol Lee B.

“...All the people here are really nice.” - Danielle E.

“...I was truly impressed by Dr. Klemons’ integrity. He clearly proved he was more interested in getting me better than in the finances. The entire staff here is wonderful.” - Sarah G.

"…Dr. Klemons' humor always made me laugh. I'm going to really miss everyone here." - Anthony P.

“...The people here are very friendly knowledgeable, cooperative, responsible, organized, and know what they’re doing.” - Joyce C.

“...You have an awesome staff. ” - Johanna T.

"...The people here are fantastic.” Barbara Z.

“...Everyone here was very thorough and patient. I’m really happy that my neurologist referred me to Dr. Klemons.” - Natalie I.

“...The people here are very nice. They’re all so pleasant.” - Natasha C. (Virginia)

“...You have the greatest staff. You really do. They’re so professional and caring.” - Patriciann C.

“My fiancé Audrey and I are going to miss coming here. Everyone was very, very nice to us and very professional. We always enjoyed coming to the Center.” - Eddie A.

“..I would highly recommend Dr. Klemons and his staff.

Thank you to everyone at the office for your kindness and patience. But most of all thanks for giving me back the quality of life.” - Roniann M. (New York)

“...Everybody here was so pleasant and cared about getting me better and they did. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who has the symptoms I used to have.” - Cassandra K.

“...This place is perfect.” - Jorge M.

“The treatment here is like HEAVEN.” - Khristin K.

“Having been to numerous doctors, I can boldly say without hesitation that I cannot put into words the level of professionalism and organization I’ve seen in this office...” - Ryan M.

“...Everyone here is super nice and genuinely concerned and comforting. When I see new patients in the reception room, I just want to tell them, ‘It’s going to be ok!’” - Georgina F. (New York)

“...The people here treated me wonderfully.” - Lindsay C.

“It’s been sad having to come all this way from the U.K. but my experience here has been wonderful, really.” - Alex P. (United Kingdom)

“...I’m 100% better since I was treated here. It was fun to come here for treatment and everyone was exceptional.” - Kristie K.

“I’ve never been to an office that’s so nice, organized, and detailed. This is great! I’m loving it.” - Danon A.

“My headaches and jaw pain really stunk and I’m really happy they’re all gone since I came here. I’m going to miss you guys.” - Deanna D.

“...It’s GREAT to have it all gone. You guys are THE BEST!” - Edwin J.

“...Dr. Klemons probably saved my life by finding a problem he doesn’t treat. Everyone here is wonderful and outgoing. I’m so impressed with how organized you are.” - Michele N.

“...Everything you told me would happen actually happened. It was a wonderful experience with nice doctors and nice staff.” - Margit Z.

“...I love this place. I’m really glad to be treating here even though I have to drive almost 10 hours. ” - Jessica K. (New York)

“...In a day and age where dedicated professionalism combined with genuine care and compassion is so lacking, I am delighted to say that this has been an amazing healing experience.” - Cherylin C.

"...It means a lot to have a doctor who is as gifted and as caring as you are... Hope you know how much you’re appreciated.” - Michelle S.

“...I love everyone here. They all make me feel right at home.” - Shannon W. (Alabama)

“...The people here treated me great.” - Susan C.

“...Thank you to you and your entire staff. You’ve all been really wonderful.” - Annette H.

"...I was amazed that the appointments were kept on time. I was taken when I was scheduled. Everyone was very nice." - Roberta G.

“...My husband says the doctors and staff here all get an A+ and I agree.” - Purnima P.

"...It was worth the trip from Arizona." - Louis S.

“...All the doctors and staff treated me very well. They really did!” - Robert F.

“...It’s excellent here.”- Rona O.

"...The best way to describe how the doctors and staff treated me here is that they are like my family. There is no room for improvement in this office. Having completed treatment, I wouldn't change a thing. ” - Cindy W.

“I’m really comfortable being here. You’re extremely thorough and organized. I’m blown away with all that I learned here...” - Scott M.

“...I love everyone here. It’s a great environment.” - Jacklyn M.

“You do a good job here! You people are nice. Everything nice...You people mean business. I feel young again.” - Marie L.

"Oh man, I was extremely bad. I love the staff - how you all pay attention and got me better..." - Angelica B.

“...The people here are the best professional people. I highly recommend everyone who has headaches or the pain I had to come here. Thank you Dr. Klemons and all your staff.” - Decebal B.

“...Everyone is really, really nice. They’re like family to me.” - Julie G. (15 year old)

"...The people here treated me wonderfully .” - MaryAnne G.

“...The doctors and staff here are wonderful. I have no complaints.” - Debra C. (New York)

“...The people here are excellent. I look forward to coming here for treatment. People come from all over the world. So I don’t mind the two hours of driving.” - Mariann Z.

“...You are so thorough. Everyone here is fantastic! Every one of you.” - Suzanne M.

“...You have the greatest staff. You really do. They’re so professional and caring.” - Patriciann C.

"...All of the doctors and nurses are very good--actually excellent. Thank you all." - Amal A.

“... The people here are excellent.” - Sonya C.

“...The people here are exceptional . It’s a great staff.” - Cassandra B. (15 years old)

“...I’ve been to a lot of doctors, but the people here are the best! I tell everybody. They really got rid of it all. I thank God that I was able to come here for treatment.” - Richard D.

“...Everybody here has been great. They’re so nice. Believe me I’d tell you if there was something wrong.” - Linda M.

“…Everyone here treated me like family. It’s been a real pleasure.” - Kujtime K.

“My stay here was very enjoyable and informative. Everyone was knowledgeable and courteous and made the testing completely comfortable.” - Carmine G.

“...Everyone here is so nice.” - Nina S.

“...The people here are great.” - Thomas F.

“...The people here are all great. Everyone was just so pleasant all the time.” - Shilpa R.

“...It was worth the trips because the symptoms are all gone. The people here are great. It was nice to be able to joke around with the doctors and staff.” - Amanda H. (Indiana)

“This office is perfect!”- Aurele P.

"...The doctors and staff here are wonderful.” - Jennifer O.

“...Everyone here is tremendous and so organized. I feel right at home and great because I don’t have the pain anymore.” - Jelmin C.

“...The doctors and staff here did a phenomenal job and are phenomenal.” - Kevin C.

“I never had an experience like this before - WOW! It's really awesome. You really care about your patients....” - Erica J.

“...The people here are great.” - Michelle W.

“...Your staff is so wonderful. They actually make me feel better when I come here.” - Katherine D.

“...It makes me so happy to come here. I keep telling my sister in Honduras how good I feel, and she wants to come here too.” - Leila C.

“...Believe it or not–coming here was fun.” - Maria L.

“...I’ve been to many kinds of doctors in the U.S.A. and Russia, but no one ever treated me as well as I was treated in this office.” - Mikhail F. (New York)

“…This is the most friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable group that I’ve ever encountered.” - Jeffrey L.

“...It’s amazing how organized this office is.” - Barbara D.

“... Everyone here was so kind.” - Sally M.

“I feel so fortunate that my neurologist referred me here. Dr. Klemons is like Mother Theresa.” - Thelma S.

“P.S. - ...Everyone here is excellent...”

"...I was treated beautifully, fantastic, it couldn’t be nicer.” - Brian S.

“...As a matter of fact, the people here are fabulous.” - Sigrid T.


“Dr. Klemons - you are the best and nicest doctor I ever met in my life - I swear. It’s really true.” - Fatma S.

“...Everybody here is nice.” - Kettly F.

“...I had a wonderful time here and a really special experience with Dr. Klemons. It’s truly a calm environment. I’d recommend this office to anyone.” - Vicki S.

“...I just want to say how happy I am with the treatment I received and how well everyone treated me. The pain was life altering. I’m a different person now, and that’s the truth!” - John A.

“...This is the best doctor’s office I’ve ever been in.” - Jennifer H.

“...The people here are beautiful. Everyone treated me great.” - Elisa B.

“...I love the way everything is organized here. Everyone here is excellent. This is the best doctor’s office I have ever been to in my life.” - Ernestine G.

“...Everyone here is great. Really fabulous.” - Amy D.

“I would like to compliment you. You’re the most awesome doctor I ever met. You answered all my questions. I’m not leaving here with anything unknown.

P.S. I’m a nurse and know an awful lot of doctors.” - Dawn A.

“...The staff and Dr. Klemons are wonderful.

They’re always trying to get you better.” - Thamara M.

“...The doctors and staff here are excellent.” - Amy B.

“...The people who work here are great.” - Rosa R.

“...You have a great staff. Everyone here is wonderful.” - Celia B.

“...The people here are grade A.” - Thomas K.

“...You and your staff are so nice. Really!” - Tabassum S.

“You made me feel great! Other doctors made me feel like I was nuts.” - Sherri M.

“...Every doctor and staff member in this office is great. I don’t know where I’d be without them.” - Michelle S.

“...Every single person in this office has been wonderful...” - Beverly B. (Mother)

“...The doctors and staff are great. They were courteous and answered any questions I had with no problem.” - James D.

“...You have a beautiful staff here and I never had to wait long.” - Germana H.

“...Everyone here is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating and thought of all the little things that made it a positive experience to come here.” - Ross B.

“...Everyone here made me feel confident that I would get better and were so caring. I’m all better and being discharged today.” - Mary A.

“...It’s great to be in a doctor’s office where it’s obvious that the patients are the priority.” - Peter G.

“...The long trips to this office were really worth it. I’m going to miss coming here. I think this place is fantastic.” - Lisa E.

“...Everyone here is great. ” - Gregory S.

“...At first , I didn’t think I’d get better but my mom (who was a patient here years ago) and everyone I meet at other offices tell me Dr. Klemons is the best. I’m going to miss coming here.” - Michelle K.

“...I enjoy coming here. Everyone is always so nice.” Keith H.

“...The staff here are excellent.” - Nancy M.

“...I will miss coming here.” - Tiffany P.

“...This was an amazing experience.” - Donna P.

“...I was treated with great care in an extremely pleasant atmosphere.” - Virgil D.

“Everyone here is gracious and caring...” - Helen Z.

“...You and your staff are so kind.” - Luis F.

“... The people in this office are wonderful.” - Deanna D.

“I’m so blessed to be here.” - Rachael P.

“Nachdem Behandeln mit zehn Doktoren und Therapeuten in Deutschland über den letzten fünf Jahren, ist es so ein Vergnügen, hier zu kommen, und Behandlung mit Dr. Klemons zu haben. Niemand war, als eingehend oder hat gemacht mich wie Familie der Weg er fühle, und sein Personal hat gemacht.” (German) - Jayne T.

“After treating with ten doctors in Germany over the last five years, it is such a pleasure to come here and have treatment with Dr. Klemons. No one was as thorough or made me feel like family the way he and his staff did.” - Jayne T. (Germany)

“This is a seriously wonderful establishment.” - Timothy G.

“... Everyone treated me very nicely.” - Nicole L. (14 years old)

“...The whole staff here is very friendly and helps each other to be sure everything is taken care of. I’m really happy that my neurologist told me to come here...” - Norman K.

“..."The people here are perfect - so professional and very pleasant.” - Kethia H. (Pennsylvania)

“This is my favorite place for therapy...” - Rhondell G.

“...I treated with 12 doctors including a neurologist, four neurosurgeons and a TMJ specialist before I came here. No one was anywhere near as thorough as Dr. Klemons. All the doctors and staff here are awesome. If I didn’t come here I’d still be suffering. I don’t know what I’d do without them. ” - Tamara G.

“...It’s a good thing I listened to my neurologist when he referred me here. Everyone here is great. Everyone is so kind.” - Ilana G.

“...The doctors and staff are great.” - Idys B.

“...The doctors and staff are great - Really professional.” - Elvin C.

“...The doctors and staff are very professional and courteous - like going to visit family.” - Stephen E.

“...All of the doctors and staff here are fantastic - very helpful and very friendly. ” - Lisa M.

“...God works in strange ways. Coming to this office has been absolutely amazing. Dr. Klemons is a miracle worker.” - Kathryn B.

“God brought me to this office.” - Maura V.

“...Everybody here is wonderful. They actually made the treatment enjoyable.” - Toni T.

"...Everyone here was wonderful.” - Janet B.

“...The whole staff is really very wonderful.” - Rosemary A.

“...Everyone here is “muy bien” (very nice and very professional).” - Maria M.

“...Everyone here was really helpful and good to me.“- Jennifer A. (New York)

"...I also want to say that Dr. Klemons and his staff are great. Coming here has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.” - Scott B.

“... Regardless of his incredible knowledge and experience, he is the most down to earth and caring doctor I ever met. It’s an honor to know him. The other doctors I saw just wanted to give me medication, but Dr. Klemons and his office really made me better. I have a real need to say “thank you” to him and his entire staff. This is the first time I ever went to a doctor to whom I didn’t want to say goodbye.” - Heidi G.

“...I wish that I was referred earlier when I went to the emergency room.

You have the best staff I’ve ever encountered in my life. The best of the best.” - Lizbet A.

“...Everyone here treated me great.” - Megan K. (Pennsylvania)

“...The people here are really, really nice.” - Nichole F.

“I brag about this office. It’s truly priceless.” - James M.

“…Everyone treated me wonderfully-always explaining everything so clearly. I couldn’t be happier.” - Myrna B.

”...All the doctors and staff treated me wonderfully. I love how everyone is cheery and on time.” - Judith V.

“...I had such a good time here. Everyone is fantastic.” - Brielle L.

“...I normally hate going to other doctors' offices but Dr. Klemons and his staff are the best I’ve ever been to and that’s no exaggeration!” - Bernard H.

“...The people here are friendly, punctual, and never miss anything.” - Suk C. (Georgia)

“…Everyone here was wonderful.” - Meredith R.

“...The doctors and staff are excellent.” - Tara P.

“...I really appreciate how incredibly nice everyone treated me. ” - Nicholas K.

“...I’m so happy! Everyone here was so nice to me - from the first day to the last day” - Maria B.

"...The succession of going from doctor to doctor looking for a cure was over the day I came to Dr. Klemons. What a relief! I wish he could be cloned. He runs a very professional and well run office. Everyone knows exactly what to do.” - June B.

“...You’re a super doctor. You really changed my life. Everyone here is very warm, compassionate, and treated me like family. I always looked forward to coming to my visits.” - Susanne B.

“...Everyone was absolutely nice, helpful, and answered every question.” - Luis H.

"...Dr. Klemons was the first doctor who understood and believed me and now I feel like a new person. Everyone here is great." - Kim R.

“... Everyone treated me well. When you run a tight ship everything runs the way it should and this office is obviously run as a tight ship - very professional.” - Gregory G.

“...From the first telephone call, I found everyone to be wonderful, friendly, and caring and I became friends with a lot of the people here.” - Judy W.

“... I live very far away but it’s worth the trips.” - Zaquina Z.

"…Everyone here made me feel comfortable - just like I was at home". - Anna E-T.

“...I’m very happy. All the doctors and staff here are really nice.” - Luis J.

“…This is the only doctor’s office I ever enjoyed coming to.” - Robert M.

“I love this place! It’s a breath of fresh air from beginning to end.” - Maritza F.

“...Everyone was an angel to me here. Sweet and friendly.” - Lauren H.

“...Dr. Klemons really has everything here fine tuned like a motor. I never had to wait. Everyone is always happy and makes the visits great.” - Jeffrey M.

"...Everyone here was excellent." - Winston H.

"…This is the nicest doctors office I‘ve ever been in. Everyone was friendly and couldn't do enough to help me in every way." - Margaret Z.

“...After seeing at least 10 specialists at home in California, the people here were the first medical staff that understood me and what was wrong and were considerate of my symptoms.” - Anthony K. (California)

“The doctor who sent me here said that Dr. Klemons will treat you like family. He’s a wonderful doctor. My doctor was right. Everyone here is terrific. I only wish I came here sooner.” - Magdalena G.

“...I did everything you said and it really worked. Also, your staff was all wonderful. They always made me feel comfortable and so did you. So I just want to thank you. You’re doing a bang up job.” – Eileen F.

“...This is an amazing office. Everyone here is like a friend.” - Ilana I. (New York)

“...I’m a very impatient person, but didn’t mind coming here because everyone from the receptionist to the doctors and nurses have been so nice to me.” - Nayanaben D.

“…Right from the first visit I was impressed by the fact that it is unequivocally the most helpful, organized, and pleasant doctor's office I've ever been in.” - Gary R.

“...Everyone here is wonderful!” - Margaret B.

“...Everyone here is excellent.” - Maria C.

“...I was really treated very well by the entire staff from the day I walked in the door until the day I was discharged from treatment.” - Barbara D. (Virginia)

“..I trust Dr. Klemons more than any of my other doctors.” - Catherine M.

“...I attribute my progress to everyone’s kindness. This is an amazing place.” - Pamela P.

Patients shown above were seen in this office for
Sleep Apnea or for other conditions which we treat

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