Causes of falling fillings

Often, the destruction of modern and reliable materials used today occurs for the following reasons (but not because of the use of

1. Insufficient drying of the tooth cavity during therapy.
2. Preservation of even small areas of carious tissue.
3. Incorrect processing of fabrics.
The filling can also fall out if the carious cavity was too large, and the material did not have sufficient support, a serious physical load was exerted on the tooth. That is why, in case of serious damage, doctors often recommend the installation of crowns. They allow you to protect the remaining healthy tissue from further damage that can lead to tooth loss.

Important! The filling can fall out both immediately after the treatment, and several years after the therapy. In the latter case, the cause of the problem may be elementary natural wear of the material. It just can’t handle the load put on it anymore. It should be understood that even the most modern materials cannot last forever, as they constantly come into contact with hot and cold food and drinks, are exposed to aggressive microorganisms and experience other effects.

Often the causes of the problem are poor hygiene and untimely visits to the doctor.

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