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Comments from Physicians Regarding our Practice

 "As a Neurologist, many patients seek my medical care for headaches and facial pain. After appropriate medical history, physical examination, and laboratory testing including x-rays when indicated, we are still left with the problem of the patient's pain. Fortunately, in skilled medical hands the headaches and/or facial pain can often be controlled. Over the years I have referred patients to a variety of practitioners; however, in my experience, the most skilled is Dr. Ira M. Klemons...

Even though the patients coming to see me have often seen a variety of others with little relief, Dr. Klemons still has excellent results with them. In my experience his results are superior to those of other specialists which the patients have seen such as internists, neuro-surgeons and rehabilitation/physical therapists.

Moreover, he is very conservative in the use of medicines or surgery. This is important because many patients under treatment via these modalities have problems from the treatments.

His patients report back to me with the highest respect for his professional manner as well as that of his staff. My admiration for his professional skill is great. Beyond this he has great concern for his patients and personal integrity."

Written by a Specialist in Neurology who practices in New York City

"Although our offices are separated by a significant distance, I have such confidence in Dr. Klemons that I have consistently referred patients to him who have symptoms of ear, face, and throat pain, headaches, dizziness, and swallowing dysfunction. He has shown himself consistently to have expansive knowledge and hands-on skill. This evaluation reflects what the patients have subsequently told me as well as my perceptions when I took the opportunity to see Dr. Klemons' center.

In addition, not only is he more than well versed in his field of myofascial temporomandibular joint dysfunction, he has also had the acuity to identify most accurately patients who have had tumors in areas not of his particular expertise and he has referred them for successful treatment in a timely fashion which significantly reduced what might have been severe consequences if the tumor had not been so promptly appreciated."

Written by a Specialist in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (Previously referred to as Ear, Nose and Throat or ENT Specialist)

"I am a physiatrist specializing in pain management. For the past 13 years, I have referred patients with head and facial pain to Dr. Klemons for treatment. In that time, I have known him to be highly competent and compassionate, and cooperative in the interdisciplinary care that my patients have required. He has managed to remain current in a field which has changed dramatically in the past decade, and continues to advance rapidly: On a personal level, I believe that Dr. Klemons is of the highest moral and ethical fiber. He is creative, innovative, and a strong leader."

Written by a Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Pain Management

"Having known Dr. Klemons for the past 8 years on both a professional and personal basis, I have been astounded by his extensive knowledge in not only his field but those pertaining to neurology and medicine...

I find this man to be an extremely intelligent physician and highly commendable human being. He is also a caring and compassionate man, who always goes well beyond his realm in both the treatment of his patients and mine. Not only is he innovative in the field of medicine, but totally dedicated to his practice. I cannot express enough how proud and honored I am to be a friend, associate, and colleague of this fine practitioner."

Written by a Neurologist

"...Dr. Klemons is well-known to our Academy & its Membership for his work in TMJ & other painful disorders. He has worked exceptionally diligently in this field and has devoted his life to this skill. He holds a Ph.D. in this science & has treated thousands of patients with these painful disorders (which for many years had gone unrecognized because little was known on how to diagnose and/or treat these commonplace & little-understood affirmities). Dr. Klemons is a leader in this field."

Written by an Orthopedic Surgeon and President of a national medical organization

"I am writing to confirm that Dr. Ira Klemons was granted the Ph.D. Degree from this department in 1981. Dr. Klemons' doctoral dissertation was entitled, Chronic Head and Facial Pain and Dysfunction: Their Interrelationships, Diagnosis and Treatment by Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning.

Professor Edward Hunt was Dr. Klemons' Advisor throughout his nine-year program which included four years as a full-time student at Penn State University. This followed completion of his undergraduate and Doctor of Dental Surgery Degrees. Dr. Hunt was a member of the faculty at Harvard University Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine for 20 years and was active in dental research and teaching.

Other members of Dr. Klemons' Doctoral Committee and Consultants included Medical Doctors, Health Science Researchers and a Dentist, each with a broad array of knowledge and specialties. These doctors contributed their skills in assuring that Dr. Klemons' work was well focused in his specialty, and of exceptional quality.

During the course of his studies and research, Dr. Klemons attended several thousand hours of post-graduate courses at two of the State's dental schools, Walter Reede Army Medical Center, and medical and dental schools throughout the United States, as well as at this institution. In addition, he was carefully guided by his Committee in conducting in depth individual research in his field."

Written by a University Department Chairman

"I have known Dr. Ira Klemons for approximately ten years on a professional level. I have worked closely with Dr. Klemons in his practice of treatment of TMJ, head and facial pain patients. My role has been consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Based upon my experiences as described above, I can tell you that Dr. Klemons has distinguished himself as being in the forefront of this field. For many years he has been regarded nationally as an authority on TMJ head and facial pain. I have had the opportunity to hear him lecture on several occasions. I have also had the opportunity to treat several patients who have been under his care. He has demonstrated the highest level of skills, both in his knowledge and clinical aptitude.

Dr. Klemons commands a distinguished position in the area of head and facial pain and TMJ treatment...He is often referred to as the 'doctor's doctor'. He accepts some of the most difficult patients and I am proud to affiliate myself with him."

Written by a Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Please remember that each patient is unique and may respond differently. These are comments which we have received from several physicians. Our overall success rate is in excess of 90%.


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Patients are referred to us by physicians, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, physical therapists and other professionals. However, many of our patients are referred by former patients or based on their own decision without the need for a referral.

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Headaches• Pain in the Head, Face, Jaw, TMJ, Eye, and Ear • Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus )• Dizziness • Pressure in the Ears • Blurry Vision (which comes and goes) • Frequent Sore Throats • Difficulty Swallowing • Sensation of an Object Stuck in the Throat • Burning Tongue • Sleep Apnea • Snoring • Movement Disorders such as Tourette's Syndrome and Nervous Twitches

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