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“I used to be in such pain that I couldn’t sleep or eat, or even concentrate. I was depressed and felt very anxious all the time. From the moment I met Dr. Klemons I felt very confident that he and his terrific staff would get me better. Now I’m being discharged and feeling just wonderful.” - Pamela C.

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“The headaches were so horrible that for three years I wanted to blow my head off. It made me so depressed that I had to go to a psychiatrist who gave me two kinds of psychiatric medication. I saw seven doctors who couldn’t help at all. It’s so wonderful to wake up every morning without headaches since Dr. Klemons did the RF procedure. It’s like a dream come true.” - Nancy B.

Many people who suffer from pain become anxious and in time feel depressed. Some tell us they think that this is because they consulted so many doctors who told them that there was nothing wrong regardless of persistent pain. In time, these patients feel that there will be no end to their suffering and the limitations and loss of joy in their lives which results.

However, in many other cases, patients become depressed because the pain lasts for months or years, or even for decades, resulting in their conditions becoming “chronic”. Unfortunately, depression is a common characteristic of chronic pain which can develop as early as three to six months after pain begins.

In our experience, the good news is that once the headaches and other symptoms improve, even partially, depression which developed after pain onset typically disappears. Some patients have even said that reading this website, seeing that they are not alone, and that there are answers to their problems, gave them a new lease on life.

We do not treat depression or anxiety. However, if these conditions develop after the onset of pain, elimination of feelings of depression and anxiety is a very welcome side-benefit.

One final reason for extreme concern which some people have reported is the nightmarish stories portrayed by certain organizations and their members. It is sad but true that up until the mid-1980's a large number of people underwent surgical placement of a device made of a material called Teflon Proplast to replace the discs in their jaws. While Teflon may be good for pots and pans, it should never have been placed in anyone's TM joint. Over time, the material broke into pieces which spread throughout their bodies. In some cases it is believed to have caused cancer and numerous other horrible diseases. Many of the recipients who are still alive will be on morphine for the rest of their lives. Without a doubt, this was one of the worst episodes in medical/dental history and we feel compassion for each and every person who was so horrendously violated.

However, the truth is that hardly any of our patients need joint surgery, that none of them need Teflon or any comparable material put in their joints, and that over 90% of our patients report that their pain is "gone" when they complete treatment and are discharged regardless of how many years they were in pain.

Those are the facts, and if anyone on the internet or elsewhere tells you scary stories, know in your heart that they are well-meaning and deserving of the utmost compassion and understanding, but do not let them scare you into thinking that treatment of your condition will lead to the horror that they or their loved ones have endured.

Even a partial review of our photo gallery should provide more than adequate proof.*

*Thanks to Carolyn from Maryland who made it clear that this addition to our website is necessary.

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“Before I came to the Center for Headaches and Facial Pain, I couldn’t sleep, I was depressed, and I had a really short fuse because the headaches and eye pain were so bad. Words cannot explain how thrilled I am to be completely free of pain. I feel like a new person. My whole outlook on life has changed.“ - Heather M.

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“It was so depressing to have really bad headaches that were making me throw up, but now I’m back to normal because it’s all gone. Everyone is fabulous, and Dr. Klemons works magic!” - Teresa K.

“I honestly would have paid any amount of money to stop having migraines and pain in my tongue, throat, and chest. I became non-functional and made so many mistakes because I couldn’t think straight. I can’t tell you how good it feels to feel good and not have to think about how much I hurt for the first time in 19 years. I really have no pain at all. I really smile and laugh.

Everyone here is so fabulous. They’re truly like family. I couldn’t be more appreciative of my ear, nose and throat specialist for sending me here. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the greatest day of my life." - Mary Lynn F.

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Headaches• Pain in the Head, Face, Jaw, TMJ, Eye, and Ear • Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus )• Dizziness • Pressure in the Ears • Blurry Vision (which comes and goes) • Frequent Sore Throats • Difficulty Swallowing • Sensation of an Object Stuck in the Throat • Burning Tongue • Sleep Apnea • Snoring • Movement Disorders such as Tourette's Syndrome and Nervous Twitches

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