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Thousands Of People From Across The U.S. And Around The World Have Come To Us For Elimination Of Dizziness And Related Conditions When All Else Has Failed

“Being dizzy every single day for nine years was sheer torture. Just walking from place to place in a room meant having to think about what I was going to hold on to while trying to get where I was going. After seeing fourteen doctors in three states and trying so many treatments that didn’t work, I had given up hope that I’d ever feel normal again.

When I came here I couldn’t imagine that treatment would work and reading other people’s accounts sounded too good to be true. It just couldn’t work for me, but it really did. I have no more dizziness! I was truly impressed by Dr. Klemons’ integrity. He clearly proved he was more interested in getting me better than in the finances. The entire staff here is wonderful.” - Sarah G.

"The headaches and dizziness were ridiculous. There were times I thought I'd drop to the ground. I couldn't go to work or do anything because I thought I was going to faint all the time. I was shaking and nauseous because it was so bad. It's great to feel normal again because the headaches and dizziness aren't a part of my life anymore. Everyone who works here is wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone." - Samantha L.

Dizziness, lightheadedness, and blurred vision which comes and goes can cause enormous frustration. Some of our patients say these problems can be fairly mild, but others report terrible attacks which cause them to bang into walls or even keep them from getting out of bed. In many cases family physicians, neurologists, eye doctors, and ear, nose and throat specialists use MRI's of the brain, tests involving water which is propelled into the ears, etc. to determine the cause. But what do you do if all the tests are negative and your doctor says that there's nothing wrong or nothing they can do?

The good news is that in most cases, we can help. While there are many causes such as ear or eye diseases and tumors, in cases where these have been ruled out, it is very possible that the cause involves dysfunction of a muscle called the sternocleidomastoid, or SCM for short. This muscle attaches from the skull right behind the ear to the chest at the top center of the rib cage. When dysfunctional, it can cause any of the following problems:

  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Blurred vision which comes and goes
  • Headaches
  • Pain in or behind the ears
  • A tight sensation in the throat

The muscle itself is only rarely painful, so it is often overlooked as a cause of these problems. Nevertheless, appropriate evaluation and treatment can lead to elimination of symptoms in most cases.

Over 90% of our patient who suffer from these conditions report that they are gone when we discharge them from treatment. We diagnose and treat them in the manner discussed in the "How We Successfully Treat Headaches, Face Pain, etc." section of this site.

Following are examples of forms which were completed by our patients who experienced dizziness before treatment as well as a few of their comments.

headaches, eye pain, dizziness, tinnitus

Facial Pain, TM Joint Pain, and Chest Pain

Ear Pain, Eye Pain, headaches


head pain, eye pain and dizziness

headaches and chest pain

pressure dizziness headaches

“Before I came to Dr. Klemons, the pressure in my head was so bad that I thought my head would burst, and the dizziness was so bad that I banged into walls. I’m so happy that all the problems are all gone.“ - Fisnike M.

dizziness headaches

“I thought I was having a nightmare because I had such terrible dizziness and my tongue felt like it was on fire. Dr. Klemons and his staff made me feel like I’m a new person. It’s like a dream come true because it’s all gone.” - Gloria S.

headaches face pain dizziness

“I couldn’t leave my house because the headaches and face pain and really nasty dizziness were so horrible. I can’t get over the fact that all the symptoms are gone and how wonderfully everyone treated me. I tell everyone with headaches to come here.“ - Darlene L.

“I have real tears in my eyes just thinking how great I feel after RF procedures. My whole head used to hurt so bad that I couldn’t live life or even think. I’m really living - not just surviving. Even the dizziness is gone.” - Nancy W.

headaches jaw pain face pain dizziness

“I would like to thank everyone at The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain for all their kindness and support especially Dr. Klemons. After my car accident, I was having extreme headaches, jaw pain, face pain, and dizziness. It was so bad that I had to drastically cut back on my work schedule. After treatment, all my symptoms have disappeared and I feel like I have my life back.“ - Jason M.

headaches dizziness

“My headaches and dizziness were so bad that I could barely get out of bed. I almost wanted to die. Dr. Klemons and his staff not only made me feel great physically, but mentally, and emotionally as well. Every person in this office treated me with respect and obviously cared about getting me better. I couldn’t possibly be anymore grateful.” - Karen M.

dizziness sore throat

“I couldn’t understand why I had such bad sore throats and dizziness until I came to the Center for Headaches and Facial Pain. Now I don’t have to understand them – they’re gone!” - Marlena S.

“I went to so many specialists who made me feel like I was crazy for having horrible burning sensations in my head and face, a feeling like my head and face were constantly in a vise, my equilibrium was off so badly that at times I couldn’t drive or work, and a clogged sensation in my ears that made me constantly try to clear them. Thank God I’m not crazy. Now that it’s all gone, I don’t really want to leave. Everyone here has been so wonderful to me. ” - Kristeen J.

“For years I was really frightened by the dizziness and was afraid to go to the mall or to drive because I was afraid I’d pass out–but it’s gone! Everyone here is so friendly and nice and I really feel comfortable with them.” - Lori C.

headaches dizzy pain

“I tried to commit suicide by cutting my wrist because I couldn’t stand the excruciating headaches anymore and couldn’t be around people or do anything. Sometimes the pain made me faint, and I became so dizzy that I drove my car into a pole. My family used to cry when they saw how much pain I was in, but now they’re really happy just like me. I saw so many doctors before I came here including a Medical and Dental School Pain Center, but nobody helped me until I was sent to Dr. Klemons. I love everyone here.” - Nazmin R.

“All the symptoms I had are gone - the sore throats, dizzy feeling, headaches, eye pain, etc. They did a good job here. I would recommend them. I think everybody here has been good.” - Sonya H.

ear nose throat pain ear noise

“The worst symptoms were loss of balance and noises in my ears which were completely debilitating. I was worried to death that they would never go away. At least ten doctors here and in Europe misdiagnosed me. Seven Ear, Nose and Throat specialists thought I had a viral infection in my ears. It’s so wonderful to feel so good and ready to be discharged after Dr. Klemons treated me for a short time. Without a doubt, this is the best doctor’s office I’ve ever been to.” - Iain S. (New York)

headaches burning tongue ear pressure dizziness ringing in ear

“I used to sit on the floor and push my head against the wall as hard as I could while screaming from the pain. I couldn’t even talk to the doctors I went to and now I barely remember how terrible it was like to be in pain. I’m so happy I came here from North Carolina.

Dr. Klemons is the first doctor who ever let me tell him what the entire problem was. The fourteen specialists I went to at the medical schools and private practices gave me almost fifty different medications which never helped and often made me feel really sick or gain weight. I flushed them all down the toilet.

Before I was treated here, I had twenty-five different symptoms. These are just a few of them:

Headaches all over my head
A burning sensation in my tongue and all over my face
Pressure in my ears and eyes that made me feel like they would burst
Difficulty swallowing
Horrible constant ringing in my ears
A crushing feeling in my face under my eyes

It’s just amazing to be without the agonizing pain I had for so long. It’s all gone since the RF procedure. I went shopping the next day. Everyone here is so nice and the therapy is so relaxing.” - Jennifer S. (North Carolina)

“For 18 years I had four different noises plus stabbing sensations in my ears. Everything got louder especially the heart beat sound I was constantly hearing. Since I came here, it’s like someone just turned down the volume. After all these years, it’s amazing. And never mind the dizziness. As a result I had to curtail driving, but I have no problem anymore.” - Cynthia B.

jaw pain dizziness head and face pain

“Severe jaw pain and dizziness kept me out of work and from doing virtually anything until my Neurologist referred me here. From the very first day I found everyone to be professional, considerate, courteous, timely, and dedicated to relieving my pain–and they did. After Dr. Klemons did radiofrequency procedures on one side, the pain went away on both sides of my head and face. I would recommend Dr. Klemons to anyone.” - Stephani M.

“My ear, nose, and throat specialist sent me here for earaches, pressure and ringing in my ear, and dizziness. I don’t have any of it anymore. I was surprised that I got better really fast. You do good work. Everybody here is nice.” - Kettly F.

dizziness and ringing in ears

“I’m so happy with the treatment which eliminated my dizziness and ringing in my ears that I’m referring my family here.” - James R.

“Boy my headaches and dizziness were terrible. I had to miss school and couldn’t play with my friends or even get out of bed. Now that it’s all gone, I can do anything I want.” - Andrew N.

treatment for jaw pain, migraines and ringing in ears

"Even if I lived in California I'd come here for treatment for jaw pain, migraines, and vomiting. The doctors and staff are really excellent. - Jennifer R.

P.S. - I actually forgot that before I came here I used to have ringing in my ears

“Eye pain and dizziness kept me from reading, driving, watching TV, and practically any normal daily functions, until I came here. I’m a new person now that it’s gone.

All the doctors and staff here are outstanding. Everyone is really warm and friendly and genuinely concerned. The contrast to other doctors’ offices I’ve been to where no one even talks to you is ridiculous.” - Susan P.

“Earaches, nausea, dizziness, ringing in my ear, and headaches were so bad I thought I would faint. That’s why I cried when I came here the first time. I’ll never forget that day. My ear, nose, and throat specialist told me “I’m going to help you. I’m going to send you to a good doctor”. Thanks God he sent me here. My balance used to be so bad when I was walking that I kept feeling like I would fall. Now all of the problems have disappeared. I’m so happy! Everyone here was so nice to me - from the first day to the last day” - Maria B.

headaches dizziness facial pain

“Since coming to Dr. Klemons for my headaches and dizziness, I am feeling great! The warm and friendly staff could not have treated me any better. My sincere thanks to everyone at the Center for Headaches and Facial Pain.” - Christine G.

head pain dizzy rf procedure

“My wife couldn’t cook or bend down to pick up the laundry because it made her so dizzy. She didn’t even want to be a passenger in our car because her head hurt so bad. It’s such a relief to have her back to normal. The RF procedures were unbelievable. They gave me back my wife.” - Parker L. (husband)

“Before I came here from Alabama, dizziness was driving me crazy. I couldn’t stand still without hanging onto something and the ringing in my ears was really bothering me too, and now it’s gone. I love everyone here. They all ”- Shannon W. (Alabama)

“I was always aggravated because of really bad ringing, pain, and a clogged sensation in my ears, and dizziness until my ear, nose, and throat specialist sent me here. Everyone here is excellent. I give Dr. Klemons’ cards out to people who have pain. I feel like a new person. I really do. It’s all gone. Thanks God and thanks Dr. Klemons.” - Maria C.

“It used to be so painful to eat because my jaw hurt immensely, and I fell down because I was so dizzy. I basically couldn’t function at all and had to lie down all the time. It’s like having a huge weight lifted since it’s all gone.

I love everyone here. It’s a great environment.” - Jacklyn M.

“When I came here my migraines made me want to rip my head off. I was going out of my mind. Even the chest pain, ringing in my ears, and dizziness are gone. At first , I didn’t think I’d get better but my mom (who was a patient here years ago) and everyone I meet at other offices tell me Dr. Klemons is the best. I’m going to miss coming here.” - Michelle K.

If you have chest pain please click here

“I first started having a long list of symptoms 23 years ago. I'm amazed that after treating here with Dr. Klemons and his associates I've had the best time of my life. I used to have incapacitating headaches, eye pain, dizziness, ringing, pressure and pain in my ears, nausea, pain in my face and jaw, chest pain, hoarseness, problems swallowing and numbness. I was often bed bound. I just didn't enjoy life. I would go out to eat to at a restaurant and then have to be taken home. I start crying just thinking about how bad it was. I wasn't living a normal life and I was in such a fog wondering whether I'd ever get rid of all these problems. Since I came here they're all gone.

The doctors and staff here are so caring and kind. Coming here has been the best experience I ever had. I just feel so comfortable here. I'm really impressed and feel like I can put my life in their hands. Everything is always explained and I never leave with any questions." - Carol C.

If you have chest pain please click here

“I have to tell you how amazing this office is. My eye pain and dizziness are already gone, and I’m able to think for the first time since the accident.

Your staff is so wonderful. They actually make me feel better when I come here.” - Katherine D.

“I thought I was having severe sinus headaches all the time. I missed work from headaches and dizziness and was miserable. It’s really amazing that I don’t get any of that anymore. The doctors and staff here are very friendly and nice. I will miss coming here.” - Tiffany P.

“Migraine pain was extreme to the extent that I couldn’t function every morning when I tried to get out of bed. I was sick and vomiting, and dizzy everyday. The pain kept me in a dysfunctional state so I couldn’t work or do normal things. Now I feel wonderful. I feel like me again. I tell all my friends that Dr. Klemons is great.” - Ivory H.

“I could write a book about how great I felt for six and a half years after I was treated here. All the excruciating headaches, eye pain, earaches, pain in my face and jaw, chest pain, and terrible dizziness, ringing in my ears, nausea, and difficulty swallowing were completely gone. It scares me to know that people can be in pain their whole lives not knowing that Dr. Klemons can get them better. Unfortunately, I flipped head over heels and fell down stairs and that’s the only reason I had to return. I’m really happy to know I can come back here to get rid of the problem again.” - Carmella W.

If you have chest pain please click here

“I was petrified that the dizziness would never go away after seeing six specialists in Ear, Nose, and Throat, Neurology, Internal Medicine, and Rheumatology. They may be good for treating other problems but they couldn’t help me at all. The dizziness made me home bound until I came here. I had to take Topomax for migraines, but the side-effects were horrible. It really made me unhappy. So I’m happy I don’t have to take medication anymore. The people here are perfect - so professional and very pleasant.” - Kethia H. (Pennsylvania)

“The doctor who sent me here said that Dr. Klemons will treat you like family. He’s a wonderful doctor. My doctor was right. Everyone here is terrific. I only wish I came here sooner. All of my headaches, eye pain, dizziness, pain in my face, ear, and my throat, and ringing in my ears are gone” - Magdalena G.

“For the past 17 years, I was out of my mind because of dizziness and jaw pain to say nothing about the vomiting. When I first came here I didn’t believe the treatment would help, but it’s all gone. I was afraid that the problem would return after I returned to teaching, but it hasn’t. The treatment here has changed my life. I’m really thrilled. ” - Ruth P.

“When no one else could help me I found a place that was able to eliminate my sinus headaches and dizziness for the first time in eight years. This is the place.” - John K.

“Since I’ve been here for treatment the dizziness and headaches are gone. It’s such a difference. Before I came here it was so bad at times that I couldn’t even go to work.

The doctors and staff here are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. They always took me on time with a smile. What a pleasure.” - Richard G.

“For almost 40 years I suffered from dizziness, hearing loss, and terrible noises in my ears. I couldn’t sit up, work, or even drive. None of those are a part of my life anymore since I came here for treatment.” - Barbara R.

“The first day I came here I knew I was absolutely in the right place for my headaches and dizziness–especially when driving. I can’t believe that I don’t need medication anymore. I saw people on the website who said Dr. Klemons gave them back their lives. It’s really true. I have my life back. I feel absolutely fabulous - like a different person. I even sleep through the night. Thank you very much." - Anthony M.

“It was really hard to do anything because I couldn’t think due to constant terrible headaches. It was especially difficult being in high school while trying to fill out college applications. Before coming here I consulted pediatricians, as well as an allergist, neurologist, chiropractor, and an infectious disease specialist who could not help. Now I can think again because the headaches, dizziness, and nausea are completely gone even though I‘m in college now. I’m so happy.” - Brenda H.

“I came here with great hesitation but not anymore! Dr. Klemons’ examination was phenomenal as are the other doctors here. Dizziness and ringing in my ears made it difficult to get through the day. They got me better without pharmacological treatment.

Everyone here is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating and thought of all the little things that made it a positive experience to come here.” - Ross B.

“I had pain in my head, face, and behind my eye that I couldn’t even understand because I never had anything like it before. I was so dizzy that I could hardly function. I spent most of my day in a confused, diminished state and lost so much productivity and wondered whether I was crazy or lazy. Everyday I had to lay down and nap for several hours. Now that the pain is gone, I’m able to do so much. I’m realizing how bad off I really was.

Everyone here is super nice and genuinely concerned and comforting. When I see new patients in the reception room, I just want to tell them, ‘It’s going to be ok!’” - Georgina F. (New York)

“Before I first came here it was unbearable to get up with the dizziness, the migraines and the eye pain every night. The treatment the doctors gave me really worked good so I don’t have the problem anymore. I even get a full night’s sleep now. I enjoy coming here. Everyone is always so nice.” Keith H.

“In simple words my quality of life was terrible before I came here because of dizziness and pressure in my ears. Headaches were unbearably excruciating. Now that they’re gone, I have so much more energy and can really enjoy life and being with my grandchildren.

The people here really pay attention and care. I feel absolutely blessed to have them here regardless of the long trip. I’m honored to be one of Dr. Klemons’ patients.” - Carol Lee B.

locked jaw dizzy

“I had to stop and focus before I walked down the stairs because I used to get very dizzy. Once I actually fell down. I couldn’t eat a lot of the time because my jaw was locked and hurt so much. It feels really good to be normal again. Everyone here treated me incredibly well.” - Caitlin R. (16 years old)

“I used to have constant headaches - all the time. I just couldn’t function and the jaw pain was so bad that I couldn’t chew. The dizziness, nausea, and vomiting were really bad. Now that it’s all gone I feel like I hit the lottery since I had the radiofrequency procedures. Believe it or not, I only had them done on one side but the pain went away on both sides. You have an awesome staff. ” - Johanna T.

headaches, dizziness, and problems swallowing

“I was treated by a neurologist, TMJ specialist, neurosurgeon, psychologist, pain management specialist, Emergency Room doctor, and an orthopedic surgeon before coming here. No one was able to take away the headaches, dizziness, and problems swallowing until I came here. I’m really amazed.” - Miroslaw K.

“Twelve years ago I suffered from migraines, burning tongue, dizziness, ear, eye, and face pain, chest pain, tinnitus, and vomiting - until I treated with you. All of it was gone until I was injured. When I got hurt I went right back to you.” - Tabitha F.

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“For 25 years pain ruined my life. I couldn’t go to work or have kids (because of all the medications). I had to go to the hospital at least once or twice a week. Especially after seeing about forty doctors who couldn’t help me, I really thought the pain would never go away and I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. Before I came here my husband and I could never make plans to do anything, but we make plans and do lots of things all the time now that I’m feeling so wonderful.

Everybody here is terrific and genuinely concerned. I tell everyone on Myspace and the blogs with migraines, eye pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, earaches and pressure, nausea, jaw and chest pain, hoarseness, and sore throats that they should come here. It’s a miracle.” - Melissa G.

If you have chest pain please click here

“Oh my dear God. In the beginning I was always nauseous, dizzy and the jaw pain was the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t stand up or sit down without the room spinning. I can’t even describe how horrible the noise in my ears was. I couldn’t work or do anything or even be in a room with people because it hurt my ears. It’s the best feeling to be back to normal without the pain, nausea, dizziness, or noise which went away with a trigeminal pharyngoplasty procedure. The staff and Dr. Klemons are wonderful. They’re always trying to get you better.” - Thamara M.

Note: Other procedures were necessary prior to the trigeminal pharyngoplasty to which this patient referred.

“For the past eight years, when I was dizzy, I was complaining and feeling really bad and anxious all the time. It also worried me. I’m absolutely happy that it’s all gone, and I'm really surprised that it went away so fast. My husband says the doctors and staff here all get an A+ and I agree.” - Purnima P.

“I feel 100% back to normal now that the dizziness, blurry vision, throat pain, and headaches are gone. I used to stay in bed for weeks at a time. I’m amazed how fast I got better after being in pain for so long.” - Maribel T.

“I feel like a different person after coming here because the eye, ear, and face pain, and dizziness are all gone. It’s a good thing I listened to my neurologist when he referred me here. Everyone here is great. Everyone is so kind.” - Ilana G.

“I just kept feeling worse and worse with dizziness, nausea, excruciating headaches and jaw pain. I was losing weight because I was choking and had such terrible migraines. It got to the point I couldn’t work. I remember being in bed for months at a time because I just couldn’t function. When I came here and found out that all the symptoms were connected, it was such a relief. With treatment, I became better and better and now I’m being discharged without the pain and the other symptoms. Everyone here was great, very professional and friendly. I really appreciate my neurologist for referring me here.” - Kathleen M.

“Before I came here the head pain and dizziness were unbearable. Now that they’re gone, I don’t have to take medication anymore. I know it’s not good to take pain medication because it has side effects. Everyone treated me well. When you run a tight ship everything runs the way it should and this office is obviously run as a tight ship - very professional.” - Gregory G.

head and face pain dizziness pressure in ears

“I was miserable and couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t see friends or play with my kids or be outside in the light. I had no life and was so depressed and sad from the pain all over my head and face, the dizziness, and the pressure in my ears. I had to take so much pain medicine that it gave me terrible stomachaches and made me throw-up. I thought I would have it all forever. I can’t express how happy I am that my neurologist sent me here. It feels like I have my life back now that it’s all gone.“ - Gloria C.

dizziness and headaches

“Headaches kept me from sleeping and I couldn’t stand-up for long because of the dizziness. I was really surprised by how fast it all went away and my life is back to normal.” - Chezerea D.

“When I first came here I was really skeptical and never thought the pain would go away. It was a horrible time in my life. I was really depressed. After the treatment started, I began sleeping again and then the pain started to decrease which made me calm down. I feel like myself again and I’m so happy. I feel free as a bird now that the headaches, face pain, and dizziness are gone. I don’t need to take Tegretol, Advil, or any other medication. Every person in this office is really caring and helpful and always answered all my questions.” - Lioubov P.

“For four years it was hard to concentrate or eat, and I had to miss school because migraines and face pain were “10" on a 0-10 scale and the dizziness drove me crazy. It’s awesome, absolutely amazing to have it all gone since I came here. You have the best staff ever.” - Zaquina Z.

“The pain was really bad before I came here. On a scale of 0-10 the headaches and dizziness were a 10 plus. All the doctors I saw in Virginia told me I had sinus headaches, allergies, or problems with my tonsils, but there was no change even after surgery - until I came here. I was really treated very well by the entire staff from the day I walked in the door until the day I was discharged from treatment.” - Barbara D. (Virginia)

Please remember that each patient is unique and may respond differently. Our overall success rate is in excess of 90%, based on similar forms signed by patients at discharge.

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migraine headache TMJ facial pain

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