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Don't Think You'll Ever Get Better? Been to Other Doctors?
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We understand that choosing a doctor can be difficult especially if you've been on the "Medical Merry-Go-Round" and were given many conflicting opinions. Few patients travel here from distant states before seeing other doctors. Consequently, the comments provided by patients from other states and countries, and others who specifically included in their comments that they saw numerous doctors before coming here follow below.


"I must have seen 40 doctors trying to stop the excruciating headaches, eye pain, sinus pain, and even chest pain most of which I had for 33 years. Even my neurologist and cardiologist could not find the cause. It drained me of energy and kept me from spending time with my family. I thought I exhausted all solutions and would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. It's just unbelievable to me that the pain is gone and I don't have to take any medication. I actually pinch myself, because it feels like a dream. Dr. Klemons and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate." - Lynn M.

“My daughter had agonizing pain in her jaw for five years. Every doctor we took her to in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia scared us and their treatment made her worse. They all told us she needed surgery, so I was really worried before we came to Dr. Klemons. We’re so happy with the treatment she’s receiving–she doesn’t need surgery.” - Maria D.

“The noises, clogged feeling and pain I had in my ears, problems swallowing, and a feeling that something was stuck in my throat were so bad that I was miserable all the time, and I took it out on my family. A lot of the time I had to lay still in bed for days at a time. The headaches were so horrible that I wanted to cut my head off. None of the doctors I went to helped me until I went to The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain. The doctors and staff were just wonderful. Everyone always treated me like family. I’m so glad that I’m well, but I have tears of sadness because I won’t be coming here anymore. I’m a new person!” - Anna B.

I went to forty doctors trying to find help with my excruciating pain before finding the real answer. I saw specialists in neurology, neuro surgery, ear, nose, and throat, and orthopedic surgery, as well as my family physician, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist. I don’t know where I’d be if not for Dr. Klemons and the RF procedures he did. They made all the difference in the world. None of the doctors or medications I tried before coming here helped - not even morphine.” - Michael O.


“I dealt with jaw pain for nine years and when the ringing in my ears started, I felt like I was going insane. In addition, day in and day out, every single moment, I was thinking about my face. It affected every part of my life. I went to so many medical and dental specialists who all told me that nothing could be done to help me–until I found Dr. Klemons on the internet. I came here from Maryland six hours round trip and was really skeptical--but now that it’s gone–no amount of money or time would have ever stopped me from coming here.” - Angela E.

“I’m really glad that I don’t have any headaches and don’t have to go home from school anymore or go to the nurse. I’m also glad that I don’t have to get anymore CAT Scans or MRI’s like the other doctors made me get. I’m going to miss coming here because everyone is really nice.“ - Evan R. (9 years old)

“The migraines and what I thought were ear infections were so excruciating that I had to leave my job.

The worst part was waiting to see Dr. Klemons. It was such a relief to find out what was wrong after other specialists had no idea. I started to get my life back right after I started treatment, and now I really have it back because the pain is gone. Everything about the office has been wonderful. ” - Cheryl Z.

“I went through eight years of headaches, jaw pain, and vomiting during which all I did was try to stay away from noise, light, and people. I couldn’t even think straight. Most of the time I had to stay at home. After treatment I felt like I came out of a fog. I was amazed by the relief especially since I have severe fibromyalgia and went to so many doctors in Arizona before coming here.” - Dana F.

“It’s such a relief to be out of pain. It took so long to find a doctor who could make me better that I was afraid that I’d never get better. I love the people here. Everyone was wonderful to me. They didn’t just treat me like a patient. They treated me like I was one of their family.” - Frances D.

“Dr. Klemons and his wonderful staff eased my worries about the headaches and pain that I was experiencing. After many months of pain and clicking, popping and locking, I thought my health problems would never go away. In addition, I had a terrible experience with another doctor in the same field who told me that there was nothing he could do and that I had to live with the situation. Well, Dr. Klemons changed all that and proved him wrong. I can’t express the gratitude that I have for him and his staff. I can enjoy all of my favorite foods again without the pain and noise that I had before. Dr. Klemons knows what he is talking about. I recommend that anyone experiencing these kinds of problems should see him for treatment.” - Amanda D.

“My daughter’s recovery was a blessing. I cannot express my appreciation enough to Dr. Klemons and his staff for giving me back my smiling, happy daughter. Considering all of the doctors we consulted over the past 20 years who could not help, I cannot imagine how we could have survived without him.” - Phyllis R. (mother of Beth R.)

“Coming to your office for treatment was the best thing I could have ever done for my jaw. Not only was your staff friendly but you were the only doctor who knew what happened to my jaw before I even said it. My Mom was so happy she started to cry.

I’m truly blessed that I found your office because there is no other doctor out there as loving and caring as you. I can’t thank you enough for all you and your staff did for me.“ - Samantha B. (14 years old)

“Before I came to Dr. Klemons, I was going crazy and throwing up from the headaches. I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. I’m so glad I don’t have to take the medicines the other doctors gave me. They made me feel like a zombie. Even the electric shocks in my face are gone. Everyone here treated me like family. It’s been a real pleasure.” - Kujtime K.

“Besides the horrible headaches and the feeling that something was stuck in my throat for five years, when I was trying to speak to people my jaw would tremble. Before I came here I saw twelve different doctors including two TMJ specialists, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, and even had TMJ surgery. In addition, I took at least fifteen different medications. Most just made me shaky, nauseous and dizzy, and kept me in bed all day. I used to be AFRAID to laugh, but now I can! I never thought I’d feel as good as I do now. Everyone here is fantastic.” - Edith P.

"I'm definitely very happy I came here from France." - Wendy S.

The people here really pay attention and care. I feel absolutely blessed to have them here regardless of the long trip. I’m honored to be one of Dr. Klemons’ patients.” - Carol Lee B.

“I feel so fortunate that my neurologist referred me here. Dr. Klemons is like Mother Theresa.” - Thelma S.

“I’m 80 years old, and was injured while on an aircraft carrier in World War II. Dr. Klemons is the first real DOCTOR I’ve ever been to.

When I came here, I never thought the headaches or face pain would go away, but now they’re really gone.” - Henry R.

“It was really a different experience for me to come here for ringing and pressure in my ears as compared to any other doctor’s office. It’s such a relief. You were able to diagnose and treat my problems after so many other specialists failed. - Steven S.

“When I first came here I was really skeptical and never thought the pain would go away. It was a horrible time in my life. I was really depressed. After the treatment started, I began sleeping again and then the pain started to decrease which made me calm down. I feel like myself again and I’m so happy. I feel free as a bird now that the headaches, face pain, and dizziness are gone. I don’t need to take Tegretol, Advil, or any other medication. Every person in this office is really caring and helpful and always answered all my questions.” - Lioubov P.

“I was diagnosed with migraines and sinus headaches by my other doctors for 12 years before I came here. None of them thought treatment would work so I was really skeptical. But now my husband told my parents that I’m a new person. It’s great to feel normal again. Everyone here is wonderful. “ - Deanne R.

“My tongue doesn’t burn anymore, my chest doesn’t hurt anymore, and my head, face, eye, ear, and throat don’t hurt anymore. What’s more, I’ve been given the tools to deal with my stress.

The therapy and everyone here is awesome. Dr. Klemons is one in a million. I wish that other doctors were as attentive and explained everything as well as he does.” - Joelle S.

"Before I came here I saw three other doctors and I was told I needed TM joint surgery to stop the locking and pain. You did it without any surgery. You guys are really awesome.” - Nora R.

"You and your office staff are professionals in the true sense of the word. You do what you do out of caring for people, and for the joy of helping to ease their pain. I have seen it in your faces, I have felt it in your hugs. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for eradicating the constant pain in my head. Thank you for not just treating the symptoms, but healing the source of the pain. I have had occasion to work with many doctors and have come to the conclusion that there is a vast difference between "treating" patients and "healing" them. In my opinion, you are a true healer. You are the best of the best. I will be forever grateful to you for your hard work, your research, your diligence, and your caring heart. My life is immeasurably better because of you." - Melanie Y.


“The worst symptoms were loss of balance and noises in my ears which were completely debilitating. I was worried to death that they would never go away. At least ten doctors here and in Europe misdiagnosed me. Seven Ear, Nose and Throat specialists thought I had a viral infection in my ears. It’s so wonderful to feel so good and ready to be discharged after Dr. Klemons treated me for a short time. Without a doubt, this is the best doctor’s office I’ve ever been to.” - Iain S.

“My doctor told me that I had sinus headaches but they really weren’t. When I had them I couldn’t read or even concentrate. It’s so wonderful to be able to do everything I used to since Dr. Klemons and his staff stopped the pain.” - Gladys M.

“I had seven years of terribly painful headaches. I went to numerous doctors who tried to help but none were able to until I came across Dr. Klemons on the internet. His hands are a gift from G-d. He and his staff made me feel great and always with a smile.” - Joseph L.

“Before beginning my treatment with Dr. Klemons, I was experiencing constant jaw pain and could barely open my mouth. I was no longer confident in my ability to fulfill my dream of being a professional trumpet player. All the doctors I saw previously told me that I’d never be able to play the trumpet again. Now, after being treated by Dr. Klemons and his staff, I play pain free for many hours and give professional concerts. His treatment has changed my life and for that I cannot thank him enough.” - Kaitlin M.

“My face pain that was going up to my ear was just horrendous. I was so nauseous that I couldn't even eat. None of the doctors I saw could figure out what was wrong until my neurologist referred me to Dr. Klemons. Now I'm pain free. I loved everyone here." - Linda R.

"Dr. Klemons was more thorough than the last ten specialists I saw, and I was really impressed by his honesty when he told me to treat with a different type of doctor." - Deborah C.

“The headaches were so horrible that for three years I wanted to blow my head off. It made me so depressed that I had to go to a psychiatrist who gave me two kinds of psychiatric medication. I saw seven doctors who couldn’t help at all. It’s so wonderful to wake up every morning without headaches since Dr. Klemons did the RF procedure. It’s like a dream come true.” - Nancy B.

"When I came to Dr. Klemons I had debilitating headaches which I thought were sinus headaches. From the first contact I knew that I had found a doctor who really listened and offered reasonable solutions. His diagnosis was completely accurate. After only a few days the treatment made me much better and now I am being discharged completely pain free.

My experience with Dr. Klemons contrasted enormously with my experience elsewhere. After being put through an invasive, and very expensive medical workup, the neurologist I previously saw told me to “take a vacation” and see a therapist for stress management! That was it ..... I was taking narcotic medication around the clock, in danger of losing my dream job, and in constant agony!

Dr. Klemons and his staff gave me back my life." - Victoria W.

“The eye pain was absolutely excruciating, but none of the doctors I saw helped me until I came to Dr. Klemons. I can sleep at night. I can eat again. I can do things with my kids instead of just crying. All my pain is gone, and I couldn’t possibly be any happier.” - Dawn Z.

“When I first started the journey to end my headaches and facial pain, I thought there was no end to the road. I had no hope because I went to so many doctors who could not help. Finally, I came here and all the pain is gone. It was certainly worth all the hours of traveling. Thank you Dr. Klemons.” - Yhonnette D.

"Jaw pain and headaches used to drive me crazy. I didn't think anyone could take this pain away after seeing a lot of different specialists who didn't even ask the right questions. The pain was worse than after my jaw was broken a few years before. I'm unbelievably surprised that I'm feeling so great after Dr. Klemons and his wonderful staff treated me. Dr. Klemons knows everything." - David O.

“I tried to commit suicide by cutting my wrist because I couldn’t stand the excruciating headaches anymore and couldn’t be around people or do anything. Sometimes the pain made me faint, and I became so dizzy that I drove my car into a pole. My family used to cry when they saw how much pain I was in, but now they’re really happy just like me. I saw so many doctors before I came here including a Medical and Dental School Pain Center, but nobody helped me until I was sent to Dr. Klemons. I love everyone here. They’re all so nice.” - Nazmin R.

“All six of my doctors including a TMJ specialist say that Dr. Klemons is the best doctor in this field. I tell them that they’re right. He eliminated all my pain! I love him. He always makes me laugh.” – Amy J.

“For almost six years, I was really restricted and complained all the time because of severe jaw pain and headaches. Now I can eat whatever I want and do whatever I want. A TMJ specialist told me I needed surgery. I’m really grateful that Dr. Klemons got me better without surgery. Everyone here was excellent.” - Kimberly O.

“If I hadn’t come here I don’t know where I’d be because of the unbearable migraine pain. It seemed like I spent everyday either with a migraine or recovering from one. The truth is I couldn’t function for 23 years. It felt like I was abducted by aliens. I finally have my life back and have the patience to take care of my five year old.

The first day Dr. Klemons was so thorough. He asked all the right questions which no one else had ever asked. All of the doctors and staff here are fantastic - very helpful and very friendly. ” - Lisa M.

“I’m so excited. Treatment here has changed my life knowing that I’m not going to get a headache everyday. A weight was lifted off me. I don’t have to take pain medication anymore because it’s gone.

The succession of going from doctor to doctor looking for a cure was over the day I came to Dr. Klemons. What a relief! I wish he could be cloned. He runs a very professional and well run office. Everyone knows exactly what to do.” - June B.

“It was horrible to have absolutely excruciating headaches. The radiating pain behind my eyes was just awful. Even with all the prescription medications, physical therapy, orthopedics, and chiropractics, I still had terrible pain and wasn’t getting any better. I was so desperate to find an answer.

I was shocked when I read Dr. Klemons’ website and saw people from all over the world with problems just like mine who got better after he treated them. I had to try it for myself, and it was the best decision I ever made in my life. It was especially amazing to me that Dr. Klemons found a fracture in my throat after so many doctors and radiologists missed it. Everyone here is tremendous and so organized. I feel right at home and great because I don’t have the pain anymore.” - Jelmin C.

“Headaches and chest pain were excruciating before I came here. I couldn’t even breathe and had no quality of life. Most of the time I was in bed. It was a real struggle to get through the day. Now that they’re gone I actually function. After seeing at least 10 specialists at home in California, the people here were the first medical staff that understood me and what was wrong and were considerate of my symptoms.” - Anthony K.

If you have chest pain please click here

“Before I came here, I used to hate the world because of migraines that were so bad that I passed out two to three times a week. My neurologist told me the migraines were due to head trauma and the medication he gave me kept me in bed sleeping almost all the time. It was miserable to have to live like that. I became completely anti-social and depressed. I treated with 12 doctors including a neurologist, four neurosurgeons and a TMJ specialist before I came here. No one was anywhere near as thorough as Dr. Klemons. All the doctors and staff here are awesome. If I didn’t come here I’d still be suffering. I don’t know what I’d do without them. ” - Tamara G.


“I came from New Hampshire after seeing over thirty doctors including eight ENTs and seven TMJ specialists, as well as a neurologist and numerous others. I learned more in the first five minutes with Dr. Klemons than from all thirty doctors combined in the past eight years.

Dr. Klemons is the answer to my prayers. He took the time to examine me properly and showed me numerous things which others missed. He has a sense of humor and compassion, and I feel for the first time in eight years that I’m going to get better. Thank God.” - Edward M.

"I went through hell seeing at least fifteen doctors before I came here. I felt like I was being tortured with the most horrible jaw pain. All the other doctors gave me drugs that made me dopey, sleepy, and confused. They also gave me heart palpations and made my hands shake uncontrollably. Some of the dentists I saw gave me root canal therapy to take the nerves out of my teeth and then extracted them without any reduction in the pain. Dr. Klemons was the first doctor who understood and believed me and now I feel like a new person. Everyone here is great." - Kim R.

“I had migraines for 23 years. They were so bad that I had to go to the hospital several times. Pain started in my face at least five years ago. I saw three TMJ specialists and a neurologist before this, but no one stopped the pain until I came here. This is the best doctor’s office I’ve ever been in.” - Jennifer H.


“For two years, I didn't care about anything but getting better. I came here from Oklahoma for ringing and pressure in my ears, but now I am back to myself.” - Gregory F.

“After seeing upwards of 15 doctors at home in California, I found Dr. Klemons to be the most thorough. The way you can tell if a doctor understands your problem is that he can explain it back and give you a complete answer. My father and I felt like Dr. Klemons is a professor. He fully understood me and had complete answers.” - Thomas Q.

“When I developed eye pain and pressure, I became really anxious, especially after I went to my ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and ear, nose and throat specialist who were at a loss as to why it hurt. Dr. Klemons found the cause, got it to heal, and now it’s gone. The doctors and staff are very nice.” - Wendy M.

“Migraines and sinus headaches consumed my life for 14 years. After treatment by numerous medical specialists and three TMJ specialists, I never thought I’d get better, but Dr. Klemons and his excellent staff put a stop to it - and now I can enjoy my life again.” - Michael R.

I’m so blessed to be here.” - Rachael P. (New Mexico)

“I’ve been to at least 25 doctors in the last forty years since my migraines and face pain started. Most of the doctors had no idea what direction to head in and had no understanding of my condition. Nobody compared in the thoroughness and quality of the examination I had from Dr. Klemons.” - Michael H.


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