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The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain, South Amboy, NJ

The Center for

Headaches and Facial Pain

Thousands Of People From Across The U.S. And Around The World Have Come To Us For Elimination Of Jaw Pain, “TMJ”, “TMD”, And Related Conditions When All Else Has Failed

“All six of my doctors including a TMJ specialist say that Dr. Klemons is the best doctor in this field. I tell them that they’re right. He eliminated all my pain! I love him. He always makes me laugh.” - Amy J.

“I was sent to Dr. Klemons by a surgeon because my jaw was locking and I had really bad headaches, jaw pain, and earaches. He didn’t jump the gun to do surgery and now I’m all better and he never suggested surgery at all.

Why can’t all doctors be like Dr. Klemons? - Paul M.

P.S. I tell everyone to come here. I even told a friend who had no pain that I'd throw him down the stairs just so he could go to Dr. Klemons for treatment."


In many cases, people suffering from jaw pain and/or headaches are told that they have “TMJ”. However, “TMJ” is short for “Temporomandibular Joint” which is the technical name for the jaw joint in front of the ear. Could you imagine what you would think if you consulted your physician for pain in your arm, and were told,

“You have elbow”

You’d probably be shocked because “elbow” is not a diagnosis. It’s the name of a joint just like “TMJ” is the name of a joint.

The term “TMD” or "Tempormandibular Dysfunction” is not much more meaningful. Using the previous comparison, would an orthopedist diagnose a condition as “elbow dysfunction”? In each case, a specific diagnosis must be made. Whether the problem is in the head, the face, the arm, or most any other joint, the diagnosis can include arthritis of various types, tendonitis, ligament sprains, tumors, etc. Specific to the TM joint, the ligaments which hold the disc in place may be stretched causing the disc to be displaced and locked outside the normal position permanently or temporarily. Curiously most (but certainly not all) people who suffer from “TMJ” have a muscle or ligament dysfunction which is the primary source of pain with the TM joint dysfunction being far less important or even insignificant. Now you can see why less than one percent of our patients require joint surgery yet over 90% report that pain is gone when we discharge them from treatment. This includes numerous patients who came to us for a second opinion after being told that their only hope was surgery -- yet none was needed.

The TM joint is the most complicated joint in the body. First of all, the right and left joints are connected to each other by a rigid bone called the mandible or lower jaw. Consequently, any movement, swelling, or disc displacement on one side affects the opposite side. Surprising as it may seem, we have seen many patients who had significant injuries and advanced arthritis on one side but only felt pain on the opposite side.

Secondly, each of the two joints is composed of two separate joints. The lower joint consists of the condyle or ball at the top of the lower jaw, and a disc which is held in place by small threads called ligaments. Rotation of the condyle inside of the disc allows for opening of the mouth partway – to approximately the width of a finger. To open fully, the combined disc and condyle slide forward out of the socket.

The most common reason which one can hear “clicking” or “popping” sounds coming from the TM joints is a result of stretching of the ligaments which normally hold the disc in place. The condyle is incorrectly sandwiched between the opening for the ear and the disc (which is no longer on top of the condyle where it belongs). When a person with this condition opens his or her mouth, the condyle pops back into its correct position. When the mouth is closed, the disc moves in front of the condyle once again. This is diagnosed as “Anterior Displacement of the Temporomandibular Joint Disc with Reduction” because the disc “reduces” or goes back into place.

In certain cases, the ligaments which hold the disc in place stretch even further thereby making it impossible for the condyle to get under the disc. In this case, the disc is jammed or stuck in front of the condyles. The person is unable to open his or her mouth wider than the width of a finger (approximately 1 inch). This is diagnosed as “Anterior Displacement of the Temporomandibular Joint Disc without Reduction”.

As you can imagine, some patients can diagnose their own “anterior displacement with reduction” because of the clicks or pops which the joint produces. However, this is not always true. In certain cases clicks which are detectable with MRIs and sonograms are silent to the patient themselves. In addition, limited mouth opening (for example, to the width of a finger or 27 millimeters) can be due to “anterior displacement without reduction” but can also result from muscle spasm and other conditions which occasionally include tumors. Obviously, proper treatment requires a correct diagnosis.

Fortunately, the comments from physicians and patients included on this web site suggest that we have the knowledge, experience, and concern not only to make the right diagnosis, but to properly treat our patients and return them to a pain free, functional condition. Further advances in medicine have made it possible for us to treat these conditions without surgery in the vast majority of cases (click here for information regarding treatment). However, time remains a significant factor. Consequently, the earlier treatment is complete after the onset of symptoms the better.

For Family and Friends

Hundreds of times each year patients tell us that their family and friends simply don’t understand how they can be in so much pain and yet look completely normal. In 1991, a new patient added this perspective to his medical history. It may be useful for you to show this to your loved ones:

“I am 32 years old. Over the past years, I have had open heart surgery to close an atrio-septal defect. This required cutting my ribs, pulling them apart, and then wiring them back together. The wires subsequently broke when I fell out of a tree, at which time I also broke a rib and my back in three places, and displaced several discs in my spine. I was told that one of the bones in my back will never heal. In addition, I have agonizing cluster headaches and passed kidney stones, which is an excruciatingly painful experience.

I used to assume that TMJ problems were minor, unimportant afflictions. However, now that I have injured my temporomandibular joints, the head pain, ear pain, face pain, and throat pain which I am experiencing are far more severe than any of the above pains which I have had. In fact, this is the first time in my life that I have showed up at a doctor’s office on an emergency basis asking for relief from the pain.” - Steven

This also makes the point:

“I had kidney and pancreas transplants, but nothing caused as much excruciating pain as my headaches and my face pain. The treatment here gradually reduced the pain and now it’s all gone.

Everyone here was great, professional, and nice to me.” - Gladys W.


Please click here for information regarding other sources of pain in the face and jaw.

treated for pain in jaw

“Pain in my jaw when I was eating or yawning was so bad that it made my neck pain worse. It’s all gone now, and I don’t have to be careful about what I do anymore. Dr. Klemons and his staff are really wonderful, and I recommend them to everyone.” - Mary Anne M.

jaw pain and unable to open mouth

"When I first came here my jaw pain was excruciating, and I couldn't open my mouth. I'm all better now and can do anything. The doctors and staff were excellent!" - Dezmin W.

eye and jaw pain sufferer

“When I had eye and jaw pain, I had to come home and just lie on the couch. I couldn’t play with my kids, do the laundry, or take care of normal things that needed to be done. Now I can function as the mother of a two year old. The eye pain and jaw pain are gone.” - Johnna S.

horrible headaches and tmj

“Dr. Klemons and his staff are the most wonderful people in the world! They made me a whole person again after being miserable from horrible headaches. I feel dynamically great. TMJ is a horrible thing that interrupted my entire life. After being treated about seven years ago I was pain free until I was struck by a car and re-injured. Thank God Dr. Klemons was here to treat me again.” - Savitri G.

terrible headaches and jaw pain

“My headaches and jaw pain used to be so terrible that I couldn’t take care of my babies. I feel great now that the pain is gone. Everyone here was wonderful to me and my family. It was perfect.” - Evelyn Y.

treatment for constant jaw pain

“Before beginning my treatment with Dr. Klemons, I was experiencing constant jaw pain and could barely open my mouth. I was no longer confident in my ability to fulfill my dream of being a professional trumpet player. All the doctors I saw previously told me that I’d never be able to play the trumpet again. Now, after being treated by Dr. Klemons and his staff, I play pain free for many hours and give professional concerts. His treatment has changed my life and for that I cannot thank him enough.” - Kaitlin M.

“Before I came here, jaw pain, clicking, and locking were torture. Let’s put it this way - My husband was happy because I wasn’t doing much talking, but now I’m back in commission with the problem gone.” - Ann F.

“Dr. Klemons saved my life. Before I came here I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t yawn, and I couldn’t kiss because of agonizing jaw and ear pain. My number one goal was to eat a hamburger - and now I can do any of that without a problem. Dr. Klemons is everything his website says. Everything he said would happen really happened.

Regardless of his incredible knowledge and experience, he is the most down to earth and caring doctor I ever met. It’s an honor to know him. The other doctors I saw just wanted to give me medication, but Dr. Klemons and his office really made me better. I have a real need to say “thank you” to him and his entire staff. This is the first time I ever went to a doctor to whom I didn’t want to say goodbye.” - Heidi G.

“There were times when my jaw pain affected all aspects of my daily activities including speaking and chewing. It was a real misconception to think it would go away by itself. Now, It’s a huge relief to be able to go to sleep without having to worry that I’m going to be in pain the next day .” - Dr. Kenneth S.

ringing in ears and jaw pain

“I dealt with jaw pain for nine years and when the ringing in my ears started, I felt like I was going insane. In addition, day in and day out, every single moment, I was thinking about my face. It affected every part of my life. I went to so many medical and dental specialists who all told me that nothing could be done to help me–until I found Dr. Klemons on the internet. I came here from Maryland six hours round trip and was really skeptical--but now that it’s gone–no amount of money or time would have ever stopped me from coming here.” - Angela E. (Maryland)

headaches, jaw pain, burning tongue and mouth, hoarseness, sore throats

“I had a spot on my skin for ten years. Dr. Klemons insisted that I have a biopsy. If not for him, it could have become very serious. He may well have saved my life. Not only that, but my headaches, jaw pain, burning tongue and mouth, hoarseness, sore throats and difficulty swallowing are gone.” - Madeline D.

pain in jaw and unable to open mouth

“For five years I had consistent muscle pain in my jaw and at times I couldn’t open my mouth. It was frustrating, but I didn’t realize how serious it was until I came here. It feels fantastic to have the entire problem gone. It’s a huge relief. Everyone here is extremely friendly and caring.” - Robert R.


“For almost six years, I was really restricted and complained all the time because of severe jaw pain and headaches. Now I can eat whatever I want and do whatever I want. A TMJ specialist told me I needed surgery. I’m really grateful that Dr. Klemons got me better without surgery. Everyone here was excellent.” - Kimberly O.

“When I first came to you, I had a lot of stuff going on - jaw pain that went into my ear and neck, ringing in my ears, and a metal taste in my mouth. Now that I don’t have any of it anymore, I can eat and I can smile. The people here are terrific.” - Anthony G.

tm joint surgery

"Before I came here I saw three other doctors and I was told I needed TM joint surgery to stop the locking and pain. You did it without any surgery. You guys are really awesome.” - Nora R.

“The worst of my many symptoms were really loud and painful clicking in my jaw. Eating was very tiring and it was hard to swallow because of the pain in my throat. One of my hopes before coming here was to eliminate all of that and now it’s all gone. This place is really amazing. Everyone here is wonderful.” - Jenny R.

burning in face, earaches, jaw locking

“I was miserable with burning of my face, earaches, and having my jaw stuck so I couldn’t open it. I had to soak foods just to eat them. In fact there were hundreds of things I couldn’t do because of the pain. I’m so grateful to Dr. Klemons for making me better, and thank him for taking me out of my misery.” - Denise Z.

something stuck in throat and horrible headaches

“Besides the horrible headaches and the feeling that something was stuck in my throat for five years, when I was trying to speak to people my jaw would tremble. Before I came here I saw twelve different doctors including two TMJ specialists, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, and even had TMJ surgery. In addition, I took at least fifteen different medications. Most just made me shaky, nauseous and dizzy, and kept me in bed all day. I used to be AFRAID to laugh, but now I can! I never thought I’d feel as good as I do now. Everyone here is fantastic.” - Edith P.

“Being able to open my mouth and chew were impossible because my jaw was locked and I was in horrendous, agonizing, and excruciating pain. It’s great to be back to normal.

The best way to describe how the doctors and staff treated me here is that they are like my family. There is no room for improvement in this office. Having completed treatment, I wouldn't change a thing.” - Cindy W.

“When I think of how I was when I first came here, oh my gosh, I couldn’t open my mouth and had excruciating pain. It was terrible, but I had confidence in Dr. Klemons that I would improve. In fact, everyone here made me feel confident that I would get better and were so caring. I’m all better and being discharged today.” - Mary A.

“It’s a real relief to have relief from the headaches and jaw pain. I own my own business, but the pain used to be so horrible that I couldn’t go to work.

I just want to say how happy I am with the treatment I received and how well everyone treated me. The pain was life altering. I’m a different person now, and that’s the truth!” - John A.

“When my mommy’s jaw pain was really bad, I used to hug her a lot. I’m so happy she doesn’t have it anymore.” - William S.

treatment for jaw pain and tmj

“On a scale of 0 to10 where 0 is no pain and 10 is the most pain I could imagine, my jaw pain was 11! It’s such a relief to have no pain after so long. The doctors and staff here are excellent. This office is so efficient it’s really unreal. My physician told me that I would surely get help here after nothing else worked. It’s wonderful that he sent me.” - Patricia D.

“We have lots of fun coming here and help make our mom’s jaw pain go away.” - Briana (8), Cyara (5), and Delaynie (3) - (Patient: Karen T.)

jaw pain sufferer

“You wouldn’t want the jaw pain I had before I came here, but I don’t have it anymore. Everything here is very organized and perfect!” - Victor A.

“Before I came to Dr. Klemons I couldn’t laugh or open my mouth or eat. My headaches and jaw pain were just so bad. After I came here, step-by-step I got better and now it’s really gone.” - Robbie H.

suffered from jaw pain

“My brain was shutting down because of the jaw pain I had for so long. But now that the pain is gone, I’m back to myself and smiling again. Everyone here is just wonderful. It’s wonderful that they can save people’s faces. Who wants to live in a world where people aren’t smiling? Dr. Klemons is fabulous and by far the best doctor I’ve ever seen.” - Virginia B.

treatment for pain in jaw

“My daughter had agonizing pain in her jaw for five years. Every doctor we took her to in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia scared us and their treatment made her worse. They all told us she needed surgery, so I was really worried before we came to Dr. Klemons. We’re so happy with the treatment she’s receiving–she doesn’t need surgery.” - Maria D. (Mother)

jaw locked and dizziness

“I had to stop and focus before I walked down the stairs because I used to get very dizzy. Once I actually fell down. I couldn’t eat a lot of the time because my jaw was locked and hurt so much. It feels really good to be normal again. Everyone here treated me incredibly well.” - Caitlin R. (16 years old)

treated for severe jaw pain

“Coming to your office for treatment was the best thing I could have ever done for my jaw. Not only was your staff friendly but you were the only doctor who knew what happened to my jaw before I even said it. My Mom was so happy she started to cry.

Dancing is a big part of my life and before I started treatment I would dance in pain for hours. I never thought the pain would go away. It was so severe that I even started passing out because of it. It was really affecting my life. My Mom took me to several different doctors and they all had something different to say. I just wished we could find a doctor that could make me feel better.

I’m truly blessed that I found your office because there is no other doctor out there as loving and caring as you. I can’t thank you enough for all you and your staff did for me.“ - Samantha B. (14 years old)

“When I first came here I thought my brain was going to explode. I didn’t even want to pick my head up off the pillow and couldn’t eat for such a long time because my jaw hurt so bad. Most of the time I couldn’t even get off my couch. It’s a feeling of normalcy to have the pain go away.” - Jane L.

“I couldn’t even sleep because of the sharp pain in my head, and I could barely open my mouth until a doctor in Virginia referred me here. I can even eat big burritos and don’t wake up in pain anymore. The people here are very nice. They’re all so pleasant.” - Natasha C. (Virginia)

“I couldn’t chew because my jaw was locked so I couldn’t open it. I was really scared that I needed surgery, but Dr. Klemons got me better without it.” - Erica J.

jaw locking pain and headaches

“I just didn’t feel like eating because it caused so much jaw pain and headaches and my jaw would lock closed. That’s not a problem anymore now that I was treated here.” - Rohan G.

“My jaw pain and my migraines were “9’s” on a scale of 0-10. I never thought they’d get better so fast. Everyone is really, really nice. They’re like family to me.” - Julie G. (15 year old)

migraines, jaw pain, and ringing in the ears

"Even if I lived in California I'd come here for treatment for jaw pain, migraines, and vomiting. The doctors and staff are really excellent. - Jennifer R.

P.S. - I actually forgot that before I came here I used to have ringing in my ears

A year ago, I wasn’t even functioning. I couldn’t even get off the couch because of severe jaw pain. But now I’m going on with my life normally without the pain. The doctors and staff here are wonderful. I have no complaints.” - Debra C. (New York)

headaches, pressure in ears, sinus infections, eye pain and jaw pain

“I had headaches that were so bad that I was vomiting and completely incapacitated. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I couldn’t see because of the eye pain and could not eat or smile because of the jaw pain. I couldn’t go outside because the sun hurt my eyes and I couldn’t stand any noise like the TV because it drove me crazy.

I was never able to clear the pressure in my ears, and I used to get terrible sinus infections a few times a year. My ENT specialist said he couldn’t do anything for me but give me medicine and “lots of it”. I haven’t had any sinus infections since I treated here.

It’s fantastic to feel like a new person since I had the Radiofrequency procedures. A stranger recently told me, “You have a beautiful smile”. No one said that to me for years because I was in so much pain.

I would recommend this office to anyone who has these problems. I’m really happy that my neurologist told me to see Dr. Klemons.” - Celia L.

headaches and jaw pain

“It used to hurt so much that I couldn’t eat foods I like or sing because of the headaches and jaw pain. I’m back to eating normal now and sing all the time.” - Michelle B.

terrible jaw and head pain

“My wife couldn’t laugh because the headaches and jaw pain were so terrible, but that isn’t a problem anymore and that makes me happy too. Thank God.” - Jose P.

“For 23 years, not being able to have a conversation or eat without jaw pain was the worst symptom I had of many. My family didn’t even believe it. I’m just overwhelmed after all the doctors I saw how liberating it is to have it all gone. This was an amazing experience.” - Donna P.

“I lost 15 lbs. because I couldn’t eat due to jaw pain, fatigue, and headaches. I couldn’t eat my favorite foods. Being in pain and not being able to eat or smile really brought me down. I’m back to the happy-go-lucky person I used to be because the pain and fatigue are gone. As a matter of fact, the people here are fabulous.” - Sigrid T.

“The clicking and pain in my temples were so bad I couldn’t work or think. I’ve been to a lot of doctors, but the people here are the best! I tell everybody. They really got rid of it all. I thank God that I was able to come here for treatment.” - Richard D.

“Before starting treatment, I could barely open my mouth. Laughing proved to be difficult and tiring. Yawning was completely out of the question, although fighting a yawn wasn’t much better. I had a constant earache and I used to hold my hand over my ear because the heat made me slightly less miserable.

My initial visit with Dr. Klemons was a relief, I started treatment and after less than one month, I noticed myself yawning without discomfort or the instinct to fight against it. So I decided to do a little experiment. I tried opening my mouth. Sounds simple enough right? Well, this time, for the first time in over a year, it WAS simple and possible! That was when I really began to see light at the end of a painful tunnel.

Today I was discharged from treatment. No more relaxing drives to NJ. However, I can say that my earache, which was the worst symptom, is gone and that I am able to open my mouth again! I am a much, much happier individual who no longer feels hindered by pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Klemons and his staff.

Thank you to everyone at the office for your kindness and patience. But most of all thanks for giving me back the quality of life. - Roniann M. (New York)

“My ears were so clogged that I could barely hear. Everything sounded muffled. Jaw pain was also really bad and sometimes I couldn’t eat. I feel great now that I don’t have these problems anymore. It’s such a relief. I enjoyed very much coming here and getting to know everyone. It’s a very relaxing and peaceful environment.” - Ruqayyah P.

“Oh my dear God. In the beginning I was always nauseous, dizzy and the jaw pain was the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t stand up or sit down without the room spinning. I can’t even describe how horrible the noise in my ears was. I couldn’t work or do anything or even be in a room with people because it hurt my ears. It’s the best feeling to be back to normal without the pain, nausea, dizziness, or noise which went away with a trigeminal pharyngoplasty procedure. The staff and Dr. Klemons are wonderful. They’re always trying to get you better.” - Thamara M.

Note: Other procedures were necessary prior to the trigeminal pharyngoplasty to which this patient referred.

“For the past 17 years, I was out of my mind because of dizziness and jaw pain to say nothing about the vomiting. When I first came here I didn’t believe the treatment would help, but it’s all gone. I was afraid that the problem would return after I returned to teaching, but it hasn’t. The treatment here has changed my life. I’m really thrilled. ” - Ruth P.

“When my jaw locked I ended up in the hospital. All they did was give me pain killers which really didn’t help. It’s a good thing my doctor referred me to Dr. Klemons. I have a very high tolerance for pain, but the headaches, jaw, eye and ear pain and pain in my throat were so bad that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, or anything else. It was so bad I was throwing up from the pain. I feel wonderful to be able to be back to normal and am ready to go back to work.

Every doctor and staff member in this office is great. I don’t know where I’d be without them.” - Michelle S.

“When the doctor who was treating me for horrible headaches, jaw pain, and problems swallowing determined that I should go see Dr. Klemons, I told my boyfriend. He told me not to worry because Dr. Klemons treated him 27 years ago, and he’s still feeling great.” - Jennifer T.

“For 25 years pain ruined my life. I couldn’t go to work or have kids (because of all the medications). I had to go to the hospital at least once or twice a week. Especially after seeing about forty doctors who couldn’t help me, I really thought the pain would never go away and I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. Before I came here my husband and I could never make plans to do anything, but we make plans and do lots of things all the time now that I’m feeling so wonderful.

Everybody here is terrific and genuinely concerned. I tell everyone on Myspace and the blogs with migraines, eye pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, earaches and pressure, nausea, jaw and chest pain, hoarseness, and sore throats that they should come here. It’s a miracle.” - Melissa G.

If you have chest pain please click here

“I had terrible pain in my head and jaw day and night that kept me from eating and sleeping. Everyday I would go to bed with pain and wake up with pain. After Dr. Klemons treated me, it’s all gone. You have a beautiful staff here and I never had to wait long.” - Germana H.

“There were so many things I couldn’t eat before I came here. God works in strange ways. Coming to this office has been absolutely amazing. Dr. Klemons is a miracle worker.” - Kathryn B.

“Before I came here I was in really bad pain in my eyes, ears, jaw and my head. It kept me from sleeping and sometimes I couldn’t go to work because I hurt so bad. Now I feel happy and the pain is gone. Everyone here is excellent.” - Desmond A.

“I could write a book about how great I felt for six and a half years after I was treated here. All the excruciating headaches, eye pain, earaches, pain in my face and jaw, chest pain, and terrible dizziness, ringing in my ears, nausea, and difficulty swallowing were completely gone. It scares me to know that people can be in pain their whole lives not knowing that Dr. Klemons can get them better. Unfortunately, I flipped head over heels and fell down stairs and that’s the only reason I had to return. I’m really happy to know I can come back here to get rid of the problem again.” - Carmella W.

If you have chest pain please click here

pain in temples and jaw pain

“Before I came here the pain in my temples and my jaw was excruciating. The difference in my day to day life as a police sergeant since the pain is gone is just incredible. The doctors and staff here are fantastic.” - Alan W.

“Jaw and ear pain kept me from eating and yawning, but now they’re completely gone. Everyone was an angel to me here. Sweet and friendly.” - Lauren H.

“When I started here I was in real pain in my jaw bone and my ears were ringing really bad so I couldn’t sleep at night. My doctor sent me to Dr. Klemons, and I don’t have the problem anymore. Very nice people here. You people made such a great difference in my life.” - Jeneba J.

“When I first started here I was limited with terrible jaw pain and headaches. I could barely read to my daughter. I can’t put into words what a huge difference there is now that the pain is gone. The long trips to this office were really worth it. I’m going to miss coming here. I think this place is fantastic.” - Lisa E.

“Forty-one years ago, I started getting terrible sinus headaches, jaw pain, and earaches and ringing in my ears which kept getting worse. Narcotic pain killers didn’t even work and I could hardly ever sleep because of the pain. I never thought it would go away, but it did. It’s excellent here.”- Rona O.

“For 11 years I had terrible headaches and jaw pain that interrupted my daily life. It feels like I have my life back now that I don’t have to worry about another horribly painful episode.” - Irene S.

“After all the doctor’s offices I went to before coming here-who treated me so poorly-the contrast is amazing. The people here treated me surprisingly well. I’m really tired of doctors but not here. Not being able to open my jaw, the pain in my face and neck, and the migraines were the worst. I didn’t even think the migraines were related because they started more than 10 years before the rest of the problems. So it’s a real bonus to have them gone too. The people here are great. It’s really surprising to have so many nice people in one place without a single bad one.” - Kyle V.

“Before my oral and maxillofacial surgeon referred me to Dr. Klemons, I could hardly eat. Jaw pain was horrible. It feels great to be able to eat and not be concentrating on the pain. I enjoy eating again. The people here are really nice and sociable.” - Robin G.

“I first started having a long list of symptoms 23 years ago. I'm amazed that after treating here with Dr. Klemons and his associates I've had the best time of my life. I used to have incapacitating headaches, eye pain, dizziness, ringing, pressure and pain in my ears, nausea, pain in my face and jaw, chest pain, hoarseness, problems swallowing and numbness. I was often bed bound. I just didn't enjoy life. I would go out to eat to at a restaurant and then have to be taken home. I start crying just thinking about how bad it was. I wasn't living a normal life and I was in such a fog wondering whether I'd ever get rid of all these problems. Since I came here they're all gone.

The doctors and staff here are so caring and kind. Coming here has been the best experience I ever had. I just feel so comfortable here. I'm really impressed and feel like I can put my life in their hands. Everything is always explained and I never leave with any questions." - Carol C.

If you have chest pain please click here

jaw pain and terrible headache sufferer

“When I was injured and developed terrible headaches and jaw pain I knew exactly who to go to since Dr. Klemons had eliminated the same problems which resulted from a prior accident when I was a little girl 20 years ago. Everyone here was sincere, kind, caring, and attentive from the moment I called until the moment I was discharged from treatment.” - Carole S.

“No problem. No pain at all. I’m just very happy to be without the jaw pain.” - Cathy Z.

“I feel it’s a miracle. My headaches, sore throats, and jaw pain which were unreal are now gone. You’re thorough top to bottom. What you’ve done for me is amazing. You’re the only doctor who has taken away my pain. You’re a God in my eyes.

Whatever you’re doing, it’s the right thing and I’m not pumping sunshine.” - Leslie Z.

“For 3 years, I couldn’t even yawn because it hurt my jaw so badly. It feels great to have no more pain. It was a real relief to know that my problem wasn’t caused by a problem in my brain. The whole staff here is very friendly and helps each other to be sure everything is taken care of. I’m really happy that my neurologist told me to come here before having me go for another MRI of my brain which it turned out wasn’t necessary.” - Norman K.

“I first started having a long list of symptoms 23 years ago. I'm amazed that after treating here with Dr. Klemons and his associates I've had the best time of my life. I used to have incapacitating headaches, eye pain, dizziness, ringing, pressure and pain in my ears, nausea, pain in my face and jaw, chest pain, hoarseness, problems swallowing and numbness. I was often bed bound. I just didn't enjoy life. I would go out to eat to at a restaurant and then have to be taken home. I start crying just thinking about how bad it was. I wasn't living a normal life and I was in such a fog wondering whether I'd ever get rid of all these problems. Since I came here they're all gone.

The doctors and staff here are so caring and kind. Coming here has been the best experience I ever had. I just feel so comfortable here. I'm really impressed and feel like I can put my life in their hands. Everything is always explained and I never leave with any questions." - Carol C.

“In the beginning, my mouth would hardly open and I couldn’t eat because my jaw was stuck and hurt so much. I’m happy and feel better about myself because the pain and locking aren’t there. Everyone treated me very nicely.” - Nicole L. (14 years old)

"I went through hell seeing at least fifteen doctors before I came here. I felt like I was being tortured with the most horrible jaw pain. All the other doctors gave me drugs that made me dopey, sleepy, and confused. They also gave me heart palpations and made my hands shake uncontrollably. Some of the dentists I saw gave me root canal therapy to take the nerves out of my teeth and then extracted them without any reduction in the pain. Dr. Klemons was the first doctor who understood and believed me and now I feel like a new person. Everyone here is great." - Kim R.

“This office gave me back my life. When I first came here I couldn’t stand the jaw pain or migraines, and I was biting my tongue every night. The pain was so bad that I wasn’t able to go to work and had to stay in bed a lot.” - Hilda B.

suffered for jaw pain for 56 years

“My problem first started 56 years ago. The worst part was the jaw pain which was often excruciating. When I first came here I was in tears. I’m going to miss being pampered here with my feet up now that the pain is gone. I’d like to come here and camp out.” - Debora S.

“My biggest “aha” was that I had all these symptoms for seven years that I didn’t realize were related. I came here for my jaw pain, but the pressure in my eyes and feeling that fluid was draining from my ears are gone too.” - Stacy N.

“I came here from Pennsylvania very skeptical that anyone could help the pain behind my eye and in my jaw. Someone told me I should have my jaw broken, but that certainly wasn’t necessary. Within a short time after I came here the pain was improving and everyone here was nice to me. This is the first time I ever went to a doctor where the pain actually went away.” - Andrea L. (Pennsylvania)

“It’s been horrible having pain in my jaw for 30 years. When my jaw popped out, I couldn’t even swallow. I even went to the hospital a few times where they stretched me and hurt me terribly. But after coming here, there really is no pain anymore.

Everybody here has been great. They’re so nice. Believe me I’d tell you if there was something wrong.” - Linda M.

severe jaw pain and diizziness went away after treatment

“Severe jaw pain and dizziness kept me out of work and from doing virtually anything until my Neurologist referred me here. From the very first day I found everyone to be professional, considerate, courteous, timely, and dedicated to relieving my pain–and they did. After Dr. Klemons did radiofrequency procedures on one side, the pain went away on both sides of my head and face. I would recommend Dr. Klemons to anyone.” - Stephani M.

“I couldn’t even smile when I had headaches or jaw pain. It really affected my mood. I’m glad to be back to my old jolly self because it’s all gone.” - Mary M.

“I used to have constant headaches - all the time. I just couldn’t function and the jaw pain was so bad that I couldn’t chew. The dizziness, nausea, and vomiting were really bad. Now that it’s all gone I feel like I hit the lottery since I had the radiofrequency procedures. Believe it or not, I only had them done on one side but the pain went away on both sides. You have an awesome staff. ” - Johanna T.

“It was terrible, just making me crazy so I couldn’t sleep or eat because I had constant pain in my face, under my ear and under my chin. I feel fantastic now that I can laugh again, sleep, and eat without pain. The doctors and staff here are excellent.” - Amy B.

jaw locking and jaw pain

“Severe jaw pain and locking so I couldn't open my mouth were driving me crazy. It's just wonderful not to have any of it anymore to the point that I don't even think about it. I couldn't ask for more." - Angela B.

horrible headaches and jaw pain

“I couldn’t get out of bed because the headaches and jaw pain were so horrible. Everyone here was wonderful to me and made me feel great.” - Luz G.

headaches migraines and lightednesshead pain and jaw pain

“Eating and yawning were hard to do until I came here for treatment. My pediatrician, oral surgeon, dentist, and orthodontist all recommended that I see Dr. Klemons. It’s great to be back to normal.” - Megan W. (16 years old)

“The pain in my head, ear, and jaw was horrible. I couldn’t chew and my mouth wouldn’t open a lot of the time (which made my life as a teacher pretty miserable). All my friends thought I was crazy. It feels great now that I can eat anything I want to and don’t wake up in the morning freaking out because my jaw is locked. I wish that I was referred earlier when I went to the emergency room.

You have the best staff I’ve ever encountered in my life. The best of the best.” - Lizbet A.

“The worst symptoms I had were really bad headaches and jaw pain. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t go to work for three months. A lot of the time I couldn’t eat. It’s such a big relief that its all gone. Everyone here was very thorough and patient. I’m really happy that my neurologist referred me to Dr. Klemons.” - Natalie I.

“My jaw pain woke me from sleep night after night. When my orthopedist sent me here, I doubted I’d get better. It feels great to have all the pain gone.” - Jimmie S.

“The worst problems I had before I came here were headaches, jaw pain, and despair which are all gone now.

Thank you to you and your entire staff. You’ve all been really wonderful.” - Annette H.

"The worst two symptoms were my migraines and my jaw pain. They kept me in bed with the lights off - no TV - no nothing. I’m planning to be married and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wedding because of the pain. It’s the best feeling ever to have the pain gone. The people here are wonderful. I couldn’t be happier.” - Kristin R.

“I missed quite a bit of work and my awful jaw pain was constant day and night. When I first came here I was really skeptical that you could help me, but everything you told me would happen actually happened. It was a wonderful experience with nice doctors and nice staff.” - Margit Z.

“It used to be so painful to eat because my jaw hurt immensely, and I fell down because I was so dizzy. I basically couldn’t function at all and had to lie down all the time. It’s like having a huge weight lifted since it’s all gone.

I love everyone here. It’s a great environment.” - Jacklyn M.

“I couldn’t even eat before I came here. My jaw would get stuck and the pain was excruciating. Nothing hurts anymore and I didn’t even need surgery. I’m very happy. All the doctors and staff here are really nice.” - Luis J.

“It used to hurt my jaw so much even when I was sitting around. Headaches made me want to just sleep and not go out. After three years of pain, I had RF procedures, and it feels SO GOOD not to have the pain anymore. Everyone here treated me great.” - Megan K. (Pennsylvania)

“The worst of many symptoms was excruciating jaw pain especially when I ate. For a long time I could barely eat soft foods. I’m fine now that it’s gone. The doctors and staff are great.” - Idys B.

“I just kept feeling worse and worse with dizziness, nausea, excruciating headaches and jaw pain. I was losing weight because I was choking and had such terrible migraines. It got to the point I couldn’t work. I remember being in bed for months at a time because I just couldn’t function. When I came here and found out that all the symptoms were connected, it was such a relief. With treatment, I became better and better and now I’m being discharged without the pain and the other symptoms. Everyone here was great, very professional and friendly. I really appreciate my neurologist for referring me here.” - Kathleen M.

“My sister refused to eat with me because the clicks my jaw used to make were so annoying. My favorite breakfast is a bagel and cream cheese. I couldn’t eat them for nine years because of jaw pain, fatigue, and clicking. Now that it’s all gone I can eat anything I want and what’s more my sister can sit next to me when I eat. Everyone here is excellent.” - Katrine H.

“The headaches and jaw pain which were excruciating before I came here have literally dissipated and I’m able to chew, smile, and sleep without any pain. The people in this office are wonderful.” - Deanna D.

headaches and jaw pain

“I had horrible headaches and jaw pain for five years. Other doctors made me worse and told me I needed jaw surgery. Dr. Klemons and his staff got me better without any surgery.” - Lisa D.

“I couldn’t even yawn and had terrible jaw pain and couldn’t swallow. I’m really happy it's gone. The people here are friendly, punctual, and never miss anything.” - Suk C. (Georgia)

“Every time I ate (everyday) my jaw started hurting really bad. I also had headaches and neck pain and a lot of stress and tension and a lot of mood swings from the pain. I am extremely, extremely happy it’s all gone because the treatment even relieved the stress and I feel better overall. It’s really a miracle. The people here are really, really nice. ” - Nichole F.

ear pain, jaw pain and headaches

“I would tell Doctors about my ear and jaw pain, and the headaches (which were the scariest part), and no one knew what to do for them. Then I came here, and they’re gone.” - Christine M.

"I saw two Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, a dentist, and oral surgeon before they referred me here for jaw pain. Treatment was so easy. It really surprised me. The doctors and staff here are wonderful.” - Jennifer O.

“Not having to feel or think about the lower jaw pain I had all the time for 25 years is really a relief.” - Eva B.

treatment for pain in face and jaw

“Excruciating pain in my face and jaw used to keep me from doing everything from chilling to eating to yawning, and I couldn’t go to school or work. It feels great to be back to normal, and I had a good time coming here for treatment.” - Hasan M.

“My doctor in Virginia told me I needed five surgeries all over my face to stop the pain and locking. Dr. Klemons got me better without any of that. He saved my life! Everyone here treated me like a VIP.” - Harris B. (Virginia)

treated for stabbing jaw pain

“I couldn’t open my mouth or chew, and my jaw always felt like someone was stabbing it. It’s so good that it’s gone and I’m back to normal.” - Candice G.

“For four years I couldn’t eat, talk, yawn or even kiss my boyfriend because jaw pain was so uncomfortable and sometimes excruciating. I was afraid I’d be stuck that way forever. But it’s not a problem anymore now that I was treated here.” - Candice B.

“When I first came to you I had such doubt in my mind. I said to myself how is he going to help me? I really was a “Doubting Thomas”. My jaw was so bad I didn’t think you could help me, but I did everything you said and it really worked. Also, your staff was all wonderful. They always made me feel comfortable and so did you. So I just want to thank you. You’re doing a bang up job.” – Eileen F.

“When I came here jaw pain, pain in my temples and ringing in my ears kept me from eating (I needed a blender to grind up my food) and I couldn’t sing (which is one of my favorite things to do). None of that’s a problem anymore.

Everyone here was great - and I love the fact that I can sing at jazz clubs again.” - Arlene H.

“I was on the road to being a pilot or in Special Forces in the U.S. Air Force and was in Officer Candidate School until I developed a miserable jaw problem. It really ruined my life. My colonel thought I was going to be in the Joint Chiefs of Staff someday. It feels so good to be able to wake up in the morning knowing I won’t have pain, and don’t feel like an old man any more.” - David F. (Massachusetts)

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