Meningitis headache

Dr.Denis Slinkin

It is caused by inflammation of brain membranes by infectious agents such as meningococcus and other bacteria, viruses or fungi, says Dr.Denis Slinkin. 

This is an extremely severe headache, which is increased by changing body positions and any external irritation (bright light, loud sounds, touch). It is accompanied by vomiting, photophobia and hypersensitivity of the skin. During meningitis, the patient takes a certain position in bed, the so-called “dog position”: lying on his side with his head raised and his torso stretched out, his stomach stretched out, his arms pressed against his chest, his legs bent and pressed against his stomach. It is impossible to bend the head and press it to the chest because of the sharp tension of the neck muscles.

Dr. Denis Slinkin states that if meningitis is suspected, a doctor must be called immediately and the patient must be hospitalized. Treatment is carried out exclusively in a hospital due to the patient’s grave condition and serious threat to his life and health

Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve

Dr. Denis Slinkin

The trigeminal nerve is responsible for the sensitivity of the face. The cause of its inflammation (neuritis) may be hypothermia, trauma and infection (herpes). Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve causes severe pain in the cheeks, jaw and head. The pain can mimic toothache, sometimes accompanied by tears and saliva, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

Actually, the headache from tension is an unhealthy habit that can get out of control. Start by eliminating the cause of tension – to achieve good posture, choose the right glasses, set the mode, including the allocation of time for rest, etc.

It is useful to limit the time spent watching TV and working at the computer (no more than an hour per day). Targeted treatment consists of relaxation technique training, gymnastics, relaxation procedures (massage, auto training, acupuncture, physiotherapy, etc.). Yoga and qigong classes are very useful.

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