Prosthodontics: types, features and materials of dentures

Dental structures inserted instead of lost teeth, partially or completely replacing the tooth row, are called dentures.
Different materials can be used for their manufacture, they can be attached to the jaw in different ways and differ in their cost. Well-chosen and professionally fitted dentures will return a beautiful charming smile and solve the problem of chewing food. The use of innovative technologies and materials gives modern dentures undeniable advantages: comfort while wearing; they do not reproduce microorganisms.
low weight; smaller part of the mouth cavity is closed;
looks natural; secure fixation, all models can be left for the night.

Which dentures are better to put

Prosthodontics: types, features and materials of dentures

Today, dentists can offer a variety of structures made of different materials, in addition, dental prostheses can be made as a fixed or removable version.
The choice of design and material for the fabrication of prostheses suitable for the patient is made by the prosthodontist based on the individual indications, the presence of allergic reactions to the prosthetic materials and other details identified during examination and anamnesis.

How long have the teeth been removed?

Many people are interested in the question of when it is possible to start prosthetics after extraction. The answer to this question is not easy – everything depends on the individual characteristics. Average terms – 3-6 months later, at this time you can undergo treatment, if it is necessary according to indications.

Choosing an implant system

To compare dental implants, two main characteristics are taken: the cost of the product and the time in which the implantation takes place.
If we talk about implants of economy and premium class, the first loses the second in terms of rate of acclimation. This significantly reduces the time required for implantation, and thus the entire course of treatment.

Choice of implantation technique

Prosthodontics: types, features and materials of dentures

Among the existing types of dental implantation today, the most suitable for a particular patient is chosen, taking into account their individual characteristics, wishes and possibilities.

Intracostal implantation
The implant is fixed directly in the bone tissue. At present, the method is recognized as the most effective of all known.
Single-stage implantation
A single visit is sufficient for the placement of the implant and the temporary crown: it is a type of classical intraoperative implantation performed in one stage.

From several methods known in modern dentistry, the attending physician will recommend choosing the one that best meets the indications for each patient. Moreover, it is necessary to consider, in addition to individual characteristics, the indications and contraindications for the application of a particular method in each specific situation.

Types of prosthetics

Traditionally, orthopedic dentists work according to two methods of dental restoration: therapeutic restoration and therapeutic restoration.
prosthodontics of teeth.
When restoring a tooth row, the orthopedist tries to preserve the original shape of the tooth as much as possible; this is possible if a part of a tooth is lost. For this purpose, two methods are used – an inlay and the installation of a pin that serves as the basis for the restoration of teeth.
Today, quite a few prostheses are used, which can be very different from each other. To get an idea of them, you should familiarize yourself with the main types of such prostheses.

Partially removable dentures
In place of one, two or more lost teeth, removable dentures are inserted, which are shown if: premolars and molars are lost; incisors and canines; there is a defect in the smile area; temporary dentures are needed.

Non-removable dentures
Currently, there are 3 types of dentures and bridges of fixed type. These dentures are fitted “forever” and are fixed in place for the duration of wear. They are very durable and reliable, even when compared to the most expensive removable dentures.
Completely removable
This type of dental prosthesis is called “denture jaws”. During such dentures, an individual impression is made beforehand, and then the dentures are made of special acrylic, nylon and acry-Free. This type of prosthesis is recommended for those patients who have no root teeth or who need to have them removed. Sometimes, patients are recommended a special gel for fixation, which does not allow the denture to move even while chewing, thus avoiding gum injury.

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