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Headaches and Facial Pain

Radiofrequency Thermoneurolysis
For the Select Few

“For 41 years I had migraines everyday and had to take Imitrex almost everyday. Since the RF procedures I don’t have to take any.” - Anita B. (Pennsylvania)

excruciating headaches and face pain

"The RF procedure was unbelievable. It gave me back my life 14 years ago after having the most excruciating headaches and face pain I could possibly imagine for 2 ½ years. I've been pain free ever since." - Maureen V.

Visit this section if other treatments have failed to relieve your pain. Very few of our patients require this procedure.

Radiofrequency Thermoneurolysis

In very rare cases, if headaches or face pain do not respond to more conservative treatment approaches, Dr. Klemons employs a procedure called Radiofrequency Thermoneurolysis to turn off the most severe and persistent painful conditions. These photos reflect the use of this highly specialized technology.

procedure to turn off the most severe and persistent painful conditions

Many of our patients who received this treatment have told us that it "gave them back their lives" .... in a single visit.

Precision Treatment

The photo below shows how the computerized equipment and digital monitoring devices enable Dr. Klemons to administer this high tech minimally invasive treatment with the utmost precision. The close up pictures below make it possible for treatment to be exact.

high tech minimally invasive treatment

CLICK HERE here for more details.

Questions about this technology? Contact us today at (732) 727-5000 to make arrangements for a comprehensive evaluation that will provide the information you need for making an informed decision about potential treatment.


headaches and eye pain gone after RF surgery

stylomandibular ligaments and temporal tendons

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“Dr. Klemons is a very sympathetic and caring doctor. I am very happy to have been treated by him and his staff. They treated me like family. I was amazed at how completely the RF procedures eliminated my pain.” - Luisa L.

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“I went to forty doctors trying to find help with my excruciating pain before finding the real answer. I saw specialists in neurology, neuro surgery, ear, nose, and throat, and orthopedic surgery, as well as my family physician, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist. I don’t know where I’d be if not for Dr. Klemons and the RF procedures he did. They made all the difference in the world. None of the doctors or medications I tried before coming here helped - not even morphine.” - Michael O.

headaches and jaw pain>

“I was a runner and a basketball player until the horrible headaches and jaw pain started. My friends called me to go out on the weekends but the pain kept me from doing anything. I had to just sleep. I couldn’t even watch TV or eat my favorite sandwich. I feel like a new person. I actually looked forward to coming to my visits. The entire staff was exceptional. I couldn’t be happier.” - Annette E.

eye pain and ear pain

“After seeing the enormous number of letters written by happy patients and articles by Dr. Klemons, I knew I was in the right place the first time I met him. I used to sit in a dark room holding my ears because they hurt so bad. Eye pain kept me from working. Dr. Klemons did RF procedures for me almost four years ago and all the pain has been gone ever since. It was like turning a switch off. This is the only doctor’s office I ever enjoyed coming to.” - Robert M.

RF Surgery to stop pain

”You cannot imagine how grateful I am to all of you for all that you did for me. Dr. Klemons, you are the best doctor in the world. I really mean it. From my heart, I want to say God Bless you and all your staff. You guys are wonderful” - Milagros F.

face pain, headaches, dizziness and noise in ears

“The headaches, face pain, eye pain, ear pain, dizziness, and noises in my ears turned my life upside down. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t take care of my family. I wasn’t even able to be around my grandsons, who I love so much. I had so much fear of what would happen to me. Now that Dr. Klemons and his wonderful staff have taken such great care of me, I have my life back. The treatment helped so much and, the radiofrequency procedures put a stop to the pain. I can’t recommend this office highly enough.” - Diane B.

migraines, ear pain and tinnitus

“The caring and love Dr. Klemons has shown is worth more than any amount of money. He helped me in more ways than I could ever describe. Thank you Dr. Klemons.” - Maria R.

“When I first came here I could hardly make it through a day because of the excruciating, pounding, stabbing, radiating, burning and numbing pain all over my head and face which would take my breath away. I couldn’t work and there were days when I couldn’t even touch my skin. I feel like everyone here is part of my family. They all care so much. I’m back to work and feel like a new person. I refer everyone I can.” - Linda P.

pressure in ears, dizziness and ringing in ears

“I used to sit on the floor and push my head against the wall as hard as I could while screaming from the pain. I couldn’t even talk to the doctors I went to and now I barely remember how terrible it was like to be in pain. I’m so happy I came here from North Carolina.

Dr. Klemons is he first doctor who ever let me tell him what the entire problem was. The fourteen specialists I went to at the medical schools and private practices gave me almost fifty different medications which never helped and often made me feel really sick or gain weight. I flushed them all down the toilet.

Before I was treated here, I had twenty-five different symptoms. These are just a few of them:

Headaches all over my head
A burning sensation in my tongue and all over my face
Pressure in my ears and eyes that made me feel like they would burst
Difficulty swallowing
Horrible constant ringing in my ears
A crushing feeling in my face under my eyes

It’s just amazing to be without the agonizing pain I had for so long. It’s all gone since the RF procedure. I went shopping the next day. Everyone here is so nice and the therapy is so relaxing.” - Jennifer S.

headaches, eye pain, jaw pain

“I had headaches that were so bad that I was vomiting and completely incapacitated. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I couldn’t see because of the eye pain and could not eat or smile because of the jaw pain. I couldn’t go outside because the sun hurt my eyes and I couldn’t stand any noise like the TV because it drove me crazy.

I was never able to clear the pressure in my ears, and I used to get terrible sinus infections a few times a year. My ENT specialist said he couldn’t do anything for me but give me medicine and “lots of it”. I haven’t had any sinus infections since I treated here.

It’s fantastic to feel like a new person since I had the Radiofrequency procedures. A stranger recently told me, “You have a beautiful smile”. No one said that to me for years because I was in so much pain.

I would recommend this office to anyone who has these problems. I’m really happy that my neurologist told me to see Dr. Klemons.” - Celia L.

“I tell everybody how great this place is. I refer everyone who has headaches.” - Ronald P.

“It’s hard to find a doctor who listens. Even the doctors who wanted to help couldn’t have because they didn’t hear me to begin with. Not only did Dr. Klemons take care of the problems he treats--like headaches, and pressure and pain in my ears--but he referred me for comparable help with other problems I had.” - Jamie G. (Maryland)

“For years, I had to put off or not do a lot of things because headaches pretty much took over my life. I would definitely recommend Dr. Klemons and the RF procedures to anyone who has bad headaches. They just switched off the pain. It feels like a big weight was lifted off me and I’m in a cloud. I’m really happy that my neurologist referred me here and I’m back to normal.” - Jennifer P.

severe headaches

“After four years of being on edge because of severe headaches, it’s extraordinary not to have them anymore because of the RF procedures. It’s as if they just got lifted away.” - Stephanee M.

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“Dr. Klemons and his staff are always patient, compassionate and understanding. Not only did they give me back my life but they helped me with my insurance coverage too.” - Michael P.

headaches and facial pain

“When I first started the journey to end my headaches and facial pain, I thought there was no end to the road. I had no hope because I went to so many doctors who could not help. Finally, I came here and all the pain is gone. It was certainly worth all the hours of traveling. Thank you Dr. Klemons.” - Yhonnette D.

terrible headaches and jaw pain

“When I was injured and developed terrible headaches and jaw pain I knew exactly who to go to since Dr. Klemons had eliminated the same problems which resulted from a prior accident when I was a little girl 20 years ago. Everyone here was sincere, kind, caring, and attentive from the moment I called until the moment I was discharged from treatment.” - Carole S.

“My throat, eye, ear, and chest pain and ringing in my ears are all gone after ten years. The people here are great.” - Thomas F.

If you have chest pain please click here

“My pain was excruciating before I came here. The headaches really interfered with my daily activities and I couldn’t even open my mouth. I used to wake up from the pain every morning. What a relief I’ve had since the therapy and Radiofrequency Surgery! I’ve really made a lot of friends here.” - Roberta J.

“The headaches and pain in my eyes and face were so bad that most of the time I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to go out of the house or see friends.

I was really shocked that it was all gone after Dr. Klemons did the RF procedure for me. I even went back to work. I really appreciate how incredibly nice everyone treated me. ” - Nicholas

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

Dr. Klemons was a God send who helped me when all others failed.” - Patricia B.

severe jaw pain and dizziness

“Severe jaw pain and dizziness kept me out of work and from doing virtually anything until my Neurologist referred me here. From the very first day I found everyone to be professional, considerate, courteous, timely, and dedicated to relieving my pain–and they did. After Dr. Klemons did radiofrequency procedures on one side, the pain went away on both sides of my head and face. I would recommend Dr. Klemons to anyone.” - Stephani M.

headaches and migraine pain

“The headaches were so horrible that for three years I wanted to blow my head off. It made me so depressed that I had to go to a psychiatrist who gave me two kinds of psychiatric medication. I saw seven doctors who couldn’t help at all. It’s so wonderful to wake up every morning without headaches since Dr. Klemons did the RF procedure. It’s like ”- Nancy B.

“When I called here I was afraid Dr. Klemons was like all the other doctors I went to, but I was desperate. None of the neurologists and other doctors could find anything wrong. So they gave me lots of different medications which made me feel sick. The only drug that gave me a little relief was Maxalt. I had to wake up at 3 A.M. just to take it so I could function for 3 or 4 hours. Even then, I still had the migraines all the time, and I was severely depressed. Now that the migraines are gone, I feel blessed and feel like I was given a second chance in life.” - Melody K.

“The pain was like hell before I came here. It was something I never experienced, but coming here was a joy. The main problems were eye pain, jaw catching, fatigue, and headaches. The RF procedures finished it all off.” - Johnathan B.

electric shocks in face

“Electric shocks in my face made it impossible to do anything until I came to Dr. Klemons and he completely eliminated them ten years ago. The RF procedures were miraculous.” - Irma B.

migraine headache TMJ facial pain>

“Headaches, earaches, and pressure in my ears were a real show stopper. I had to lie down in a dark room but I couldn’t even sleep. It came to the point that I didn’t have a life. Now I’m back to work and feel like a new person. I feel great - and that’s coming from a really stubborn person who didn’t believe that treatment could help. I was ready to give up and live with the pain. I don’t know why I waited, given the fact that Dr. Klemons cured my wife 15 years ago.- Ernest V.

P.S. The RF procedure was unbelievable. Things I didn’t even realize were problems are gone like sensitivity to light, and I sleep great for the first time in years. It’s hard for me to imagine I was that bad for so long. I thank Dr. Klemons big time.”

“I have real tears in my eyes just thinking how great I feel after RF procedures. My whole head used to hurt so bad that I couldn’t live life or even think. I’m really living - not just surviving. Even the dizziness is gone.” - Nancy W.

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

"I was a basket case really in bad shape before Dr. Klemons cured me ten years ago with the Radiofrequency procedure. Before that, it felt like someone was hitting me in my head and my eye with a hammer. It was excruciating. I had four broken ribs but the headaches hurt much worse. I couldn't do anything, just stay in bed. I've never felt as good as I do now. I shovel snow in the winter and not only cut my grass, but my neighbor's grass too-with a push mower! I'll never forget Dr. Klemons for the great work he did taking away the pain and giving me back my life." - Lucy M. (Delaware)

“I used to have constant headaches - all the time. I just couldn’t function and the jaw pain was so bad that I couldn’t chew. The dizziness, nausea, and vomiting were really bad. Now that it’s all gone I feel like I hit the lottery since I had the radiofrequency procedures. Believe it or not, I only had them done on one side but the pain went away on both sides. You have an awesome staff. ” - Johanna T.

unbearable earaches and headaches

“My life was out of control and I was in a severe panic not knowing what to do because of the unbearable earaches, headaches, and jaw pain and clicking. Dr. Klemons fixed the problem and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never seen a doctor and his staff as great as this ” - Burt M.

“The pain behind my ears and sinus headaches were just awful. I couldn’t stand taking pain pills every day, or think or concentrate on anything like reading or working at my computer. It’s wonderful to not have to take pain pills and to be able to read as much as I want to now that I’m not having the problems.

From the first telephone call, I found everyone to be wonderful, friendly, and caring and I became friends with a lot of the people here.” - Judy W.

severe headaches resolved after RF Surgery

“ Before I came to The Center, my headaches were so severe that I couldn’t work on one of the passions of my life - my art work. My customers wanted new pieces, but I could not keep my head up enough to even think of doing them. Ever since I had the RF procedure, it has been easier to complete my art work, and I even had a show at an art gallery. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Dr. Klemons! “ - Donna O.

pain in head, and dizziness

“My wife couldn’t cook or bend down to pick up the laundry because it made her so dizzy. She didn’t even want to be a passenger in our car because her head hurt so bad. It’s such a relief to have her back to normal. The RF procedures were unbelievable. They gave me back my wife.” - Parker L. (husband)

“It used to hurt my jaw so much even when I was sitting around. Headaches made me want to just sleep and not go out. After three years of pain, I had RF procedures, and it feels SO GOOD not to have the pain anymore. Everyone here treated me great.” - Megan K. (Pennsylvania)

“My wife and I would have paid anything to stop her migraines and depression. Nobody should have to go through what she went through. I felt helpless because I couldn’t do anything for her. We went to at least 10 doctors and thought we’d better keep on trying until we found help. The pain was so bad that she wanted to commit suicide. Now that the migraines and depression are gone, I’ve got my wife back. Thanks. ” - Thomas K.

“I feel so fortunate that my neurologist referred me here. Dr. Klemons is like Mother Theresa.” - Thelma S.

“P.S. - The treatment I received here really helped, but in the end it was the RF procedure that took care of my headaches and face pain. Everyone here is excellent starting with the doctors. I couldn’t have been in a better place.”

face and ear pain sufferer

“Before the RF procedure I couldn’t get out of bed for days at a time because it felt like someone beat my face with a baseball bat. Other days I would just hold my face and ear and could barely move. The pain kept me from having any patience with my children. I was afraid to have the RF procedure done and put it off for much too long but it worked so well that all the pain is gone. I’d certainly have it done again if I was injured again.” - Cheryl G.

Radiofrequency Thermoneurolysis surgery

“I truly believe it was divine intervention that brought me to Dr. Klemons. He is brilliant and his staff is so caring. They gave me back my life. I come from Delaware but, it’s truly worth traveling here from any distance. I feel blessed for having discovered them.” Laurie K.

headaches and face pain

“I had to stay home in bed for days at a time because the headaches and face pain were unbearable. Since the RF procedure the pain is gone and I’m back to normal. I can even chew gum and steak without yelling because of the pain. I’m really going to miss coming here because everyone is so helpful and nice. I haven’t experienced anything like that at any of the other doctors offices I’ve been to. I’d have the RF procedure a thousand times more if I needed it.” - Tim M.

“Eye pain and migraines were absolutely brutal. I just couldn’t enjoy everyday life. It’s incredible that it’s gone after RF procedures. The doctors and staff here did a phenomenal job and are phenomenal.” - Kevin C.

Dr. Klemons:

I can not thank you enough for this pain relief. The difference I feel is truly a miracle. I continue to praise you to everyone for my surgery. No more pain meds! No more migraines!

Thanks ever so much,

Gerri N.

I’m writing you a letter of thanks and appreciation for all you did to help me get better with my injury and pain...

I would have never known about the wonderful and easy healing I had all from the RF surgery, which I found so simple and non painful. It’s really wonderful knowing a little of how our technology is today...

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, without this procedure, the RF surgery, I most definitely would not have had surgery any other way, or by any other doctor who is so compassionate and caring for his patients as you Dr. Klemons.

You are a very special and sweet doctor who I feel that I was very lucky and fortunate to meet and have to treat my injuries as well.

I can’t thank you enough for making me a lot better today than when I first came to your office, which was when I was much worse off.

In closing I must say that your office has one of the nicest staff. They’re all so sympathetic, and sweet to the patients, which is hard to find these days.

Again Dr. Klemons thank you again and to your staff also.

Tami L.

I want to thank you so much for all you had done for me for TMJ. I was in so much pain! The pain was severe and excruciating and my ears were ringing. My head and my neck and my mouth. I’m in good health now, thanks to you! You are a fine doctor! I’ve never felt so good. You are always in my prayers. You saved my life! I was really lucky the day I met you.

Thank you again.

Hugs & Kisses

Mrs. Lucy M.

Thank you so much for all your care and treatment of me... Your kindness, patience and understanding is truly appreciated.

And Dr. Klemons the RF procedure on the left side is truly wonderful. My headaches and dizziness are almost gone. I look forward to the procedure on the right side, so that my headaches will have left

With much thanks and fondness,

Fran C.

P.S. Today is truly a very wet and damp day and I normally would have unbelievable head pains. I cannot tell you how good my head feels. This is truly remarkable for me on such a damp and wet day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I want you to know that I am very grateful for what you have done for me. I must say it’s a blessing from God that you could get rid of pain. I remember on the 21st of Nov. 1998, when I first saw you for my headaches, how you were so patient. Most of all, it was just your patience and kindness, your smile, and your words of encouragement that really made my pain easier, right from the start. Doctor, do

I’d also like to thank your staff and the other doctors for all they did for me. When I needed help, they were always there for me, and were never in too much of a hurry to help. I want to thank you all again for helping me >

Laldaye J.

I just wanted to drop another note of thanks.

I want to thank you for everything! I mean everything. From everyone’s support and encouragement, to my payment plan, to the way I feel. I am feeling so good. It’s great. I am so happy and enjoying life again. I would have never thought I could be where I am now. But thanks to you and the staff - I am at a place

Thank you and everyone very much.

Diana D.

"I have had many, (close to 55) surgical procedures in my life time, some life saving, some very simple and low risk, but NO ONE has ever given me such an attentive follow up!! It was

The day of surgery I woke a little nervous - I arrived at the hospital a little more nervous, then I was greeted by many warm and caring professionals and they all made the morning much easier. Finally in walked you - smiling and you spoke to me about the rest of our morning - with your

You made a wonderful choice with the excellent, personable

Thank you! And God Bless!" - J.F.

I am 28 years old. I was in an accident in May of 1990, twelve months ago, at which time I slipped and fell.

There was no direct trauma to my face, but since that time the pain in my face is indescribable. There are certain days when I literally shut down. I cannot cope with my three children, my house, my life. I become non-functional and can do nothing but sit in my chair and rock and cry.

I have three children. For my first, I was in labor three days, was induced twice, and delivered completely naturally.

For my second, after three days I was induced and an emergency cesarean was performed after the baby cracked my pelvic bone.

My third child was delivered naturally.

The pain I am experiencing now is so absolutely uncontrollable that if someone asked me I would trade it for the pain of my three deliveries, plus 10 more.


Six Months later

Dr. Klemons has performed RF Procedure on me for my pain, and I am thrilled to admit my pain was completely eliminated. Needless to say I was very skeptical as to the fact that anything could relieve my pain, but the procedure Dr. Klemons performed did!


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