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How We Can Stop Your Sinus Headaches


“Forty-one years ago, I started getting terrible sinus headaches, jaw pain, and earaches and ringing in my ears which kept getting worse. Narcotic pain killers didn’t even work and I could hardly ever sleep because of the pain. I never thought it would go away, but it did. It’s excellent here.”- Rona O.

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"When I came to Dr. Klemons I had debilitating headaches which I thought were sinus headaches. From the first contact I knew that I had found a doctor who really listened and offered reasonable solutions. His diagnosis was completely accurate. After only a few days the treatment made me much better and now I am being discharged completely pain free.

My experience with Dr. Klemons contrasted enormously with my experience elsewhere. After being put through an invasive, and very expensive medical workup, the neurologist I previously saw told me to “take a vacation” and see a therapist for stress management! That was it ..... I was taking narcotic medication around the clock, in danger of losing my dream job, and in constant agony!

Dr. Klemons and his staff gave me back my life." - Victoria W.


Whether you call it sinus headache or sinus pain, the problem can keep you from doing the things you need and want to do.

When these are caused by an infection or other physical problem in the sinuses, family physicians and ear nose & throat specialists typically provide relief with medication or surgery. But what if these don’t work, or you are told that there is nothing wrong with your sinuses and yet the pain persists.

Click here for information on the successful treatment of sinus headache/pain which persists, in cases where physicians cannot find anything wrong with the sinuses.


“For 32 years, I thought I had sinus headaches. My physician and an allergist treated me for very severe sinus infections which often lasted months at a time and my eustachian tubes wouldn’t drain which caused terrible ear pressure. It’s been such a pleasure to wake up every day without the pain, infections, and clogged sensations in my ears. Everyone here was wonderful and conscious of my time as well as my comfort.” - Susan C.

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“It’s so nice to get up in the morning and not have what I thought were sinus headaches or eye pain any more. It’s also great to get up in the morning and not have to take medication. Everyone here was professional and really wonderful“ - Christine M.

“Migraines and sinus headaches consumed my life for 14 years. After treatment by numerous medical specialists and three TMJ specialists, I never thought I’d get better, but Dr. Klemons and his excellent staff put a stop to it - and now I can enjoy my life again.” - Michael R.

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“Before I came here I had really terrible headaches (which I thought were sinus headaches).  Now I feel fabulous. Everyone was helpful and comforting.” - Jodi K.

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“I had headaches that were so bad that I was vomiting and completely incapacitated. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I couldn’t see because of the eye pain and could not eat or smile because of the jaw pain. I couldn’t go outside because the sun hurt my eyes and I couldn’t stand any noise like the TV because it drove me crazy.

I was never able to clear the pressure in my ears, and I used to get terrible sinus infections a few times a year. My ENT specialist said he couldn’t do anything for me but give me medicine and “lots of it”. I haven’t had any sinus infections since I treated here.

It’s fantastic to feel like a new person since I had the Radiofrequency procedures. A stranger recently told me, “You have a beautiful smile”. No one said that to me for years because I was in so much pain.

I would recommend this office to anyone who has these problems. I’m really happy that my neurologist told me to see Dr. Klemons.” - Celia L.

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“My doctor told me that I had sinus headaches but they really weren’t. When I had them I couldn’t read or even concentrate. It’s so wonderful to be able to do everything I used to since Dr. Klemons and his staff stopped the pain.” - Gladys M.

“I had the worst pounding sinus headaches for eight years. Most days I just had to lay down and turn off the lights. When I came here from Wisconsin where I attend college, I was really skeptical that Dr. Klemons could cure them. It’s mind boggling to me that they’re all gone. Everyone here was really helpful and good to me.“- Jennifer A.

“The pain behind my ears and sinus headaches were just awful. I couldn’t stand taking pain pills every day, or think or concentrate on anything like reading or working at my computer. It’s wonderful to not have to take pain pills and to be able to read as much as I want to now that I’m not having the problems.

From the first telephone call, I found everyone to be wonderful, friendly, and caring and I became friends with a lot of the people here.” - Judy W.

“Different doctors told me I had migraines or sinus headaches which made me nauseous. I used to leave work early, because I couldn’t concentrate when I stayed. The pain prevented me from doing anything normal like cooking, drawing, playing with my kids, or taking my daughter to her activities. It’s great now that the pain is gone. It’s amazing how organized this office is.” - Barbara D.

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"You know right after my accident I was having those terrible headache. I thought it was sinus headache. The medication I took did not help at all until I found Dr. Klemons at the Headache center. Now I can say that I am fine, and I will recommend anyone to them." - Marie R.


“I was diagnosed with migraines and sinus headaches by my other doctors for 12 years before I came here. None of them thought treatment would work so I was really skeptical. But now my husband told my parents that I’m a new person. It’s great to feel normal again. Everyone here is wonderful. “ - Deanne R. (Pennsylvania)
Click here for information on the successful treatment of sinus headache/pain which persists, in cases where physicians cannot find anything wrong with the sinuses.

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Patients are referred to us by physicians, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, physical therapists and other professionals. However, many of our patients are referred by former patients or based on their own decision without the need for a referral.

Phone consultations with professionals are welcome, or click here to contact us. Dr. Klemons and our staff would love to meet you in person. Call 732-727-5000 to set up an appointment today.

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