Stages of tooth root canal treatment

Treatment of tooth root canals or endodontic treatment is a complicated process. If the damage to the tooth is old and the infection has affected the jawbone, the treatment process will be long.
How well and for how long the tooth is treated will depend on the qualification, experience of the dentist and the lifestyle of the patient, as well as the care of his teeth.

After the treatment, the teeth can be filled and prosthodontized. If the teeth are filled, they can fall out only when, with age, the bite will change – especially in childhood, youth and old age – or if the filled tooth will try to eat things that are not intended for human teeth, such as bone, shell of a nut, dried hard bread, etc.

Stages of endodontic treatment or root canal treatment of the tooth

Stages of tooth root canal treatment

Preparatory phase

Disinfection, mouthwash.
Local anaesthesia. It is possible to treat teeth without anesthesia, but it is not always possible to do it qualitatively, so we definitely offer local anesthesia.

Cleaning the root canals of the tooth, disinfection of cavities of the tooth.
The root canals of the tooth are thoroughly mechanically cleaned – the inner inanimate tissue of the tooth is removed – the remnants of nerves and blood vessels.
A doctor with a tooth drill only drills the tooth surface, trying to preserve as much of the tooth as possible.
The cavity of the tooth is disinfected with modern safe means.
The root canals of the tooth are filled with special therapeutic substances.
During this stage, inflamed and lost tooth pulp – soft tissue inside the tooth, which is under the hard layers of enamel and dentin, which, if necessary, is drilled by a confident hand of odontologist, is removed. In this way, the tooth root formed abroad, an inflammatory focus of infection is achieved – the result of not started treatment in time, which can damage the jawbone.
Of course, after mechanical and dry brushing of a tooth that has not been treated for a long time, even with the best of intentions, sometimes less remains of the tooth than one would want.
Thorough, reliable and quality cleaning and disinfection of the root canals and the interior of the tooth is extremely important. No patient will see and evaluate for himself – whether this is done qualitatively or not – the results will be found out only over time, depending on the qualification, experience, responsibility of the doctor, the technologies and materials used in the treatment of the tooth.

Stages of tooth root canal treatment

Sealed channel closure or filling
After the necessary cleaning and disinfection of the treated teeth, we seal the treated root canals with very reliable, long-term, certified in Lithuania and EU, hygienic and safe filling materials. The cured part of the tooth is protected against the proliferation of microorganisms in the tooth and beyond.

A tooth filling is also possible without treatment. For example, aesthetic filling of a chipped tooth; filling of a tooth slightly touched by decay. In both cases, it is possible to fill the tooth during one visit to the odontologist, if the patient comes without waiting for the infection to spread deeper. If you delay, the infection through the root canals of the tooth enters the jawbone and seriously damages it. In this case, the treatment will be more complicated and longer.

However, treatment of teeth without filling is not possible, because the treated tooth must be hermetically sealed from the environment to protect it from infection and for the successfully treated tooth to function as a healthy tooth longer.

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