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The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain, South Amboy, New Jersey

The Center for

Headaches and Facial Pain

Dr. Janet CrainDr. Janet Crain is a licensed dentist who became a Certified Hypnocounselor and a Certified Instructor in Hypnosis with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has had special training in Pain and Stress Management and lectures internationally on this subject.

Self hypnosis is a skill to implant a new suggestion into the imagination. A suggestion or thought creates a belief about something or someone and then it attaches to an emotion. This imprint is stored in the mind and now an attitude is formed that dictates behavior. This behavior determines your success or failure and reactions.

Dr. Crain is not a therapist. She teaches stress and pain management skills. Self suggestion and self hypnosis are not meant to take the place of professional mental health counseling.

We offer a program consisting of four one-on-one stress management or pain management sessions designed specific to your condition. Each visit incorporates self hypnosis with skill building exercises that allows supportive thinking and a new perspective.

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Headaches• Pain in the Head, Face, Jaw, TMJ, Eye, and Ear • Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus )• Dizziness • Pressure in the Ears • Blurry Vision (which comes and goes) • Frequent Sore Throats • Difficulty Swallowing • Sensation of an Object Stuck in the Throat • Burning Tongue • Sleep Apnea

Ira M. Klemons, D.D.S., Ph.D., Director, The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain

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