Tunnel neuropathies of the upper extremities

Tunnel neuropathies are diseases in which the anatomical channels narrow and begin to compress the nerves located in them. This disease also occurs in those who use https://pillintrip.com/medicine/tylenol.

There are three types of carpal tunnel neuropathies:

Cubital tunnel syndrome – pinching in the ulnar nerve. Manifested as numbness or pain in the elbow.

Radial tunnel syndrome – in the radial nerve. Expressed as acute pain and numbness in the forearm.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure in the carpal tunnel. Feels like pain and numbness in the wrist.

Symptoms are not always present, and they can manifest themselves differently.

The treatment is similar for everyone – reducing the load on the damaged part of the arm, wearing a special splint that limits the mobility of the damaged part, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes steroid therapy may be prescribed to relieve pain. If other treatments fail, surgery is done to fix the damaged canal.

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