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migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“When my mommy used to have headaches, she had to lie down a lot and I played doctor to help her. Dr. Klemons made my mommy all better and I’m really happy.” - Kayla M. ( 4 years old)


"My Mom couldn’t take me places or even make lunch because her headaches were so bad, so I had to make lunch myself. But Dr. Klemons made Mom all better and that makes me really happy too.” - Tayauna M. (8 years old)

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“I used to cry and cry and cry because my head hurt so much and I couldn't even play with my friends, so my mommy hugged me a lot. But now, Dr. Klemons made me better and I can play with my friends again”. - Anekha G. (5 years old)

“In the beginning, my mouth would hardly open and I couldn’t eat because my jaw was stuck and hurt so much. I’m happy and feel better about myself because the pain and locking aren’t there. Everyone treated me very nicely.” - Nicole L. (14 years old)

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“I’m really glad that I don’t have any headaches and don’t have to go home from school anymore or go to the nurse. I’m also glad that I don’t have to get anymore CAT Scans or MRI’s like the other doctors made me get. I’m going to miss coming here because everyone is really nice.“ - Evan R. (9 years old)

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“Coming to your office for treatment was the best thing I could have ever done for my jaw. Not only was your staff friendly but you were the only doctor who knew what happened to my jaw before I even said it. My Mom was so happy she started to cry.

Dancing is a big part of my life and before I started treatment I would dance in pain for hours. I never thought the pain would go away. It was so severe that I even started passing out because of it. It was really affecting my life. My Mom took me to several different doctors and they all had something different to say. I just wished we could find a doctor that could make me feel better.

I’m truly blessed that I found your office because there is no other doctor out there as loving and caring as you. I can’t thank you enough for all you and your staff did for me.“ - Samantha B. (14 years old)


migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“I’m so glad Dr. Klemons made my mommy [Sharon H.] better.” - Lexi G.

“My daughter and I love coming here. We only recently started but headaches are already much less. We feel like all the doctors and staff are our friends. - Ana M. (New York)

“I was in a really bad accident that ripped a big part of my scalp. The doctor who treated me said I’d have headaches for the rest of my life. Sometimes the headaches hurt so bad I couldn’t go to school or play with my friends. But now I feel really good because it doesn’t hurt anymore, and I hope that everyone will come to this office so they can feel good too.” - Eric M. (10 years old)

“I’m really glad that my mommy’s headaches are all gone. She used to be so cranky whenever she had them and used to fall asleep when I was talking to her.” - Brittany G. (6 years old)

"We have fun here” - Andrea (3 years) and Christian (2 years) (children of Neyra M.)

“It was killing me to hear my daughter tell me how bad the headaches were. She didn’t want to eat, but now the headaches are all gone. We both love coming here. I tell everybody about the great service at this office.” - Jessica M. (Comment made by her mother)

“We have lots of fun coming here and help make our mom’s jaw pain go away.” - Briana (8), Cyara (5), and Delaynie (3)- (Patient: Karen T.)

“Eating and yawning were hard to do until I came here for treatment. My pediatrician, oral surgeon, dentist, and orthodontist all recommended that I see Dr. Klemons. It’s great to be back to normal.” - Megan W. (16 years old)

“I love coming here with my mom. She’s getting all better and we have lots of fun.” - Breanne B. (9 year old daughter of our patient Idys)

migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“I had to stop and focus before I walked down the stairs because I used to get very dizzy. Once I actually fell down. I couldn’t eat a lot of the time because my jaw was locked and hurt so much. It feels really good to be normal again. Everyone here treated me incredibly well.” - Caitlin R. (16 years old)



“My Mommy used to hurt so bad, and now she’s all better and I’m so happy.” - Kira T. (3 years old)


migraine headache TMJ facial pain

“I’m so glad Dr. Klemons said I don’t need any treatment.” - Ivan J. (6 years old)




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Headaches• Pain in the Head, Face, Jaw, TMJ, Eye, and Ear • Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus )• Dizziness • Pressure in the Ears • Blurry Vision (which comes and goes) • Frequent Sore Throats • Difficulty Swallowing • Sensation of an Object Stuck in the Throat • Burning Tongue • Sleep Apnea

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